Damien writes:

Boxer Moran [Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Flood Relief] doing his best Putin impersonation…

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15 thoughts on “Manly

    1. V

      Don’t be so mean

      Boxer has been well known to roll up his sleeves

      and his trousers
      down there over the years
      and actually get stuck in
      rather that parade around with a press cluster surrounding him

      or go swanning around in a kayak

      And in fairness – of all the previous Government supporting Independents that took another run at it earlier in the month
      He is the one that deserved more from his constituency
      IMO anyway
      Definitely far more than that atrociously self serving hypocrite Denis Naughton, or that bigoted intolerant ape Noel Grealish

      Boxer is a daycent man who is not afraid of a bitta graft that’ll get his hands dirty or make him look silly

      Grow up Fart

      1. yupyup

        I agree on him not being nearly as bad as those two you mention, The row over the revolving ministerial post reflected badly on him and Canney and the IA as a whole.

  1. BS

    Can all media please stop using a mans nickname when talking about his official role as a politician.

    He is Kevin Moran TD. A nickname should have no place in his name. Same with pat Gallagher. Bloody gombeen politics

    1. yupyup

      Not when the TD themselves go by it at every opportunity…on the ballot paper, the election posters, and his twitter account as above.

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