Just What Is It That You Want To Do?


Free March 21?

At The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

A night in honour of producer, remixer, songwriter and DJ Andrew Weatherall, who died last month aged 56.

Johnny Moy writes

Andrew meant so much to so many people, a musical icon for over 30 years, from his groundbreaking remixes in the early 90’s right through to epic sets, no matter what genre The Guv’nor chose, he would deliver a mind blowing selection.

The music world lost one of its brightest talents and most beautiful characters. This event will be for charity which we will confirm on consultation with his family + friends.

Limited physical tickets available @allcityrecords (support your local record store) or The Sugar Club online (at link below)

The Sugar Club.

12 thoughts on “Just What Is It That You Want To Do?

  1. some old queen

    How many DJ ‘celebrities’ clipped their BPM at 120- 122 when it was unpopular to do so? Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

    1. Lemon Chose

      Excuse me SOQ, but eh…
      You’re talking about the ‘Slow Set’.
      120 – 122 ?
      – nobody knows what that means.

      You’re talking about the wrong man.
      He wasn’t a DJ.
      You DON’T know him.
      He was more than a remixer.

      Why don’t you turn this into a thing about Gay Rights?
      That’s what you do, innit?

      1. some old queen

        My apologies Lemon- you are correct, my memories are from his own work which was around 120 but not as well known.

    1. Lemon Chose

      Why did you post that particular version of that song?

      That’s the worst example of AW’s massive catalogue that I can remember.
      He didn’t understand MBV.
      He made a boopy boop boop of it. (True story)
      The original version was too good already.

      Perfection needs no improvement.
      Imperfection shouldn’t be promoted.
      Tinkle-Poohs, thank you and goodnight.

      It’s SUPPOSED to go like this;

  2. Lemon Chose

    I’m upset.

    The people on this site are talking about their favourite songs/remixes…whatever they can think of…
    …thinking backwards…
    (How can I make this about ME? etc.)

    Nobody is talking about the MAN and how he changed music

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