“In The Convent We Are Waiting”



Oluwaseun Ola, who has been living in direct provision for six years, writes:

“Putting  the finishing touches to a poem I’m writing and I found this (above), it was written by my 9 year old daughter.

As much as I’m proud of her, it hurts to see that she’s aware of the “class” she belongs.

I’m waiting for that day I’ll walk out of this system.”

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7 thoughts on ““In The Convent We Are Waiting”

    1. some old queen

      Oh come on- all the child wants is a home. Have we really become so embittered by this neo-liberal bullpoo as to deny a child that? ANY child I might add.

      Whatever people’s views are on immigration of which asylum seekers are only 1%, we should all be able to agree that this asylum application system is not fit for purpose. It needs to be streamlined, speeded up and the legal gougers yanked out of it.

      1. Cian

        “It needs to be streamlined, speeded up and the legal gougers yanked out of it.”
        So we need to stop all appeals? or limit them to one? or two?

        According to this:
        Only 15% of first-time decisions on asylum applications in Ireland were rejected, compared to an EU average of 63%.

        A total of 1,275 asylum seekers in the Republic were granted protection last year, of which 815 were awarded refugee status.

        It might be because we get so few asylum seekers… the ones we get are more genuine?


    1. Badger

      That’s all you can think of, when presented with an insight into a child’s desire for a normal life? You need to go outside more and stop reading the bottom half of the internet.

    1. Why not?

      Your love of Kittens is not a denial – so we may presume you have a direct/indirect connection to the vile business of human trafficking, the NGO gas-lighting of same or the for-profit-direct-provision industry.

      What else are you not telling us?

      Is your support for the profit-driven abortion business evidence of your allegiance to a cult of Satan?

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