Heart Breaking


In 2018, Maser’s repeal mural was partially painted over at The Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar, Dublin in 2018 following threats to the centre’s charitable status

This morning.

Sauvignon Blanc writes:

Pity to see graffiti on [what’s left] of one of Dublin’s iconic murals…

Top pic: Rollingnews

27 thoughts on “Heart Breaking

  1. Sick-O-Phant

    A mural glorifying the murder of innocent human life is destroyed.

    Broadsheet mourns the mural, but not the thousands of lives sacrificed to an insidious agenda.


    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      If you know of any innocent humans being murdered, please report it to the Gardai.

    2. V

      Speaking of insidious agenda‘s SickO
      any update on how Zappone is going to distribute the Mother & Baby Homes Commission of Investigation’s final report?

      Or will she hide behind the formation of a new Government and feck off out of it altogher?

    3. Denis O'Brien [redacted]

      Semen and ova are human life too so I’m assuming you also whinge about “the murder of innocent human life” in cases of masturbation/protected sex? All in the pursuit of consistency ofc.

        1. Denis O'Brien [redacted]

          You’re defending an arbitrary, inconsistent, and irrational approach to determining what exactly constitutes “life”. If all life is precious, then the capacity of a specific form of life to develop into a higher, more comprehensive form of life should be completely immaterial.

          And reasoning like this implicitly endorses the termination of life in cases where a foetus/newborn (various forms of human life) isn’t “going to grow into a child” per some fatal or life inhibiting/limiting medical condition for example.

          If I had a euro for every time a logical flaw emerged in a discussion on the sanctity of human life, I’d probably have savings.

    1. J Dizzle

      No, they need to pose in front of them with their arms clenched in the air because it gets the likes.

        1. J Dizzle

          I see Daisy is on making sure we know when people are pregnant they are carrying an alien and not a human.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            I see J Dizzle is making sure we know they hate women having rights over their own bodies. When people are pregnant, repeal makes sure it’s the person’s choice.

          2. Nullzero

            Plenty of women voted no. The notion of “women haters” is pathetic in the extreme, bordering on libelous, but your ilk don’t care about how you insult or abuse people whose opinions differ to yours. It’s only a problem when you’re being insulted or abused.

  2. Dr.Fart

    teenagers are the worst. theyre the only group who do stuff like this, attacking people on the streets etc., its always teens.

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