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  1. 01101101 01100011

    well in the absence of any kind of particularly useful information from ze authorities here’s a little bit more on the technical matters of the thing just coming to light:


    Summary: the yoke has mutated, there are now two known types in existence so far…there’s a type S and type L

    S is the origin, milder strain, spreads quietly and steadily as consequence and more successful

    L is the nasty fupping v2.0 upgrade, its much more aggressive but actually as a consequence is less successful at travelling about ‘cos when you have it you really know you have it, you goto hospital and might not leave it depending on how well you stand up to it.

    stay calm, pretend nothing’s going on, forget howto think for yourselves and for godssake never use socmed to try to circumvent what the authorities are not telling you and ye’ll all be grand. probably.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      that’s the first comment about this I found scary… wash your hands folks

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        Because washing one’s hands is such new technology. Not a snark at Janet or OP or anyone here. But c’mon. It’s a new strain of a virus that is spread by humans who by and large – after all these years – struggle with basic hygiene.

        An observation. It’s incredible the amount of places workplaces and public buildings – that don’t prove hot water in their toilets and respective conveniences.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          it is ! it’s horrific ( cue another rant of people picking their nose in public, just casually…grown adults, dragged up) I personally introduced both soap and a towel to my staff room, just went out on got it, but why wasn’t it already there, basic

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        thanks for that, so a milder previous exposure of the ancesteral tyoe may explain the relatively low symptoms by the 80% who don’t really present ? Would you draw that conclusion too ?

        1. f_lawless

          Sounds logical. I see they’re saying that the more dangerous, newer type of the novel corona virus is much more prevalent in the Wuhan region than elsewhere – possibly due to the Chinese government’s containment initiatives.

          Could it be that if it weren’t for the appearance of the newer strain, that the older, milder strain would have been spreading around the world undetected with most people attributing it to a passing bout of the flu? But only now that more and more people have been getting tested the moment they feel flu-like symptoms, we’re suddenly being made aware of how prevalent the novel corona virus actually already is – only that, up til now, without the important distinction between the two sub-types?

        2. 01101101 01100011

          Hi Janet

          yes, I think maybe that is the case, tho the science is evolving by the day tho so it will take time to get the full story…

          my reading of it is the original relatively milder type S strain is the one that’s more successfully (from its pov) doing the rounds and if you’re gonna catch anything atall it’s this one – that’s not to be too dismissive of it as your body still needs to be able to delete it…bad flu kills vulnerable people all the time

          that harder L strain is the dose you defo don’t want to contract but it seems a lot more unlikely you will…moreso because it’s actually too aggressive and spins itself out and affects it’s host badly :( in a short timeframe before getting a chance to transmit itself/travel too far…maybe if you were living/working in Wuhan itself and traveled before it nailed you or the one that makes me sit up and think – there’s some unaffected carriers wandering about…

          anyway it’s gonna take time for it to pan out, lets see. hopefully there will be less focus on the economy and more on the people!

          I’ve been watching this thing since early January and I assume ze authorities have also been watching a couple of weeks prior to that – I find the vacuum of information and effort to deal with this locally to be astonishing – maybe instead of lecturing people about the evils of socmed and the “ceci n’est pas une pipe” routine they could do something really useful like the Koreans are right now, have you seen? drive-thru quick and safe testing/confirmation of whether you have it or not:


          my dad said something interesting to me earlier this evening – that ze authorities actually did more to counteract the spread of Foot and Mouth disease years ago than this yoke….I wonder if it affected livestock and made it unsaleable would they put a bit more effort in, hm?

          anyway lets wash those hands Janet like the mushrooms we clearly are!! goodnight

  2. 01101101 01100011

    oh..and you can host both S and L at the same time

    god bless the economy country!

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      “a recess was given as tensions arose” ..Turkish media
      twas fistycuffs and people getting trod on

    2. some old queen

      Inflation at 12.5% and sanctions on the cards from the EU because of Greece- expect more of this sort of thing.

  3. Ringsend Incinerator

    Too low on the Kate factor. We need more green dresses please, not someone size 6 dressing like Avril Doyle at a ploughing competition. FFS.

    1. V

      Ah now in fairness
      The Duchess hasn’t quite perfected the sneer
      The make them think I’m old money sneer Avril Doyle’s pus is so adept at

  4. dav

    Anybody cath the mad woman on liveline yesterday? Demanding the HSE keep a child from going to school because “she’s a mother, not a medical expert”.. jesus wept

    1. 01101101 01100011

      Hi dav
      I can only imagine how it went on Joe Duffy yesterday and today and on and on :)
      Older people who aren’t on any kinda socmed have only R1, Liveline and morning newspapers as their information feed are gonna panic in a vacuum aren’t they?
      if we do the secretive thing rolling on with the bland statements, remaining passive etc. this type of emotional hysteria and perceived mixed messaging is what you’re gonna get!

      1. dav

        now in fairness joe wasn’t presenting yesterday but was well represented by whatever idiot they allowed into the chair. in spite of him asking this woman not to give ANY description of school or pupil she immediately states it’s an 800 pupil school and said she felt sorry for the poor “boy” and his family. She then attacked the same family for allowing “him” to go to school and wouldn’t listen to any medical advice that did not match her belief that the child should be kept away fro the school. I’m surprised she didn’t demand to see the presenters manager. Something I’m sure she does ask for on a daily basis

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