In Fishamble Street [Updated]


This morning.

Fishamble Street, Dublin 8.

The area behind the Dublin City Council offices has been cordoned off.

A private ambulance left the scene around 9:30am.

More as we get it.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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17 thoughts on “In Fishamble Street [Updated]

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Oooh, oooh! Private ambulances near the CoCo building? Have we found another Covid patient zero to be hauled off in a containment unit? Naah, just another dead homeless guy.

    Can we have a bit less of the clickbaity sensationalism please.

    RIP to the poor man.

        1. V

          Why would you say that Bertie

          LJG had very low commentary action as I recall

          And the place is a loss without his quirky harmlessness
          IMO anyway

          Very little spoof and craic in the mix of stuff now
          Maybe that suits
          I dunno

          But I’d love to see him back
          I liked that he didn’t take himself too seriously
          And I can’t remember a time he got stroppy with any of the comments
          Or took to Twitter to call some of us names etc

          I’m open to correction of course
          But he was one of the rare contributors here that wasn’t precious about his stuff

          1. V

            Hardly popular demand
            Now come on

            I could re-enter any one of a dozen (at least) early Frilly Keane’s with far more
            And far less polite
            Demands for cessation
            And criticism
            Mainly of myself
            But Broadsheet themselves shipped a quare load of aggro

          2. Tony

            Lads he didn’t ‘leave’ and he wasn’t a ‘contributor’ broadsheet just reposted his you tube videos to annoy people and then one day they stopped.

            I miss the outrage . BS should start putting up his videos again

          3. Bodger

            Tony, I sincerely enjoyed Leather Jacket Guy and miss his waxy head and boozy antics to this day.

          4. V

            have a + xxxxxV from me there

            If there’s room for Poetry by the Higgins
            and a dozen retakes on SwingGate
            or whatever news item is still slashing over the previous week and weekend

            then there’s room for LJG

          5. Holden

            I’m commenting on your comment about commenting about LJG to let you know that we don’t comment on LJG.

          6. V

            like an organised withdrawal?

            well I obviously didn’t get the memo
            in any case
            that’s pathetic – an organised abstention between ye is just one big group sulk really

            build yere own site
            or just ignore the LJG threads

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