25 thoughts on “Long Distance

  1. John

    Its pretty crazy how quickly things are changing.
    Workplaces are very different today than they were on Monday in regard to restrictions on people meeting and gathering.

    1. wearnicehats

      Crazy is the word alright. Load of utter nonsense. Everywhere you turn there’s an Irish person looking for an angle to take a few days off. If they close the schools I’m heading straight to the airport – might as well self isolate in a less hysterical, hotter place

        1. Brother Barnabas

          I know your comments arent intended to be funny, dav, but they do make me laugh

          that was a genuine out-louder

  2. Baz

    never thought I would live to see a Taoiseach more incompetent and incapable than Brian Cowen

  3. some old queen

    Leo clearly prefers the boys own club- notice how every social picture is female free?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        T-shirts must be the dress code. Some upmarket places wouldn’t let you in dressed like that

        1. Zaccone

          The number of businesses in Dublin that will refuse your business for wearing a tshirt is vanishingly small. This isn’t the 1960s any more.

          1. Toe Up

            And likely getting smaller by the day, as most will be desperate for customers in the coming weeks if they remain open.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Probably right on the restaurants alright. Are the nightclubs strict though on dress codes (I’m only a poor culchie and wouldn’t know the likes of Leeson Street and them thar places)?

          3. Rob_G

            Showing your age giggidy :)))

            Don’t worry, you can still wear your white shirt + bootcutter jeans + shiny shoes into Flannery’s

      2. some old queen

        Not being sexually attracted to women is quite different to not socialising with them. By the looks of it, in Leo’s world- we’d have same sex venues only.

        A more vacuous bunch of posers yet to be seen mind.

  4. Ringsend Incinerator

    Bit of a cheap shot at Leo and friends on their night off. He’s hardly the only one with a group that night.

    How about a shot from the LUAS or DART this A.M. instead?

  5. bobsyerauntie

    Speaking as a gay man myself, Leo does the gay community in Ireland no favors (he’s not popular with any gay man that I know of personally). I have never found him relatable, he comes across as image obsessed and lacking any substance or depth. Most gay men have a deep insight into marginalization, struggle and depression due to the struggle of dealing with being gay, however Leo is different, he belongs to the group which are called the A-Gays: elite, career-obsessed, status obsessed groups of gays who go around in packs like this, groomed to perfection, toned to every inch of their life, with their elite gym memberships, designer labels, 5 star holidays, show-houses etc. These A-Gays don’t even mix with gays from ‘lower social-economic backgrounds’, they rarely even mix with anyone outside of their elite pack. During Celtic Tiger Dublin, Dublin was awash with packs of A-Gays, you can still find them in places like Sitges, or certain bars in London. There are still some groups of them in Dublin, they arrive like an entourage, and usually just sneer at everyone else. The ‘gay community’ – far from being a real community at all- is one of the most non-inclusive communities of any minorities. Looks, body shape, and status define hierarchy, popularity and validation to an absurd degree not seen in other minority groups. The photo above epitomizes that concept.

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