Parasite Found


Rob Reeves saw Parasite.

So you don’t have to.

Rob writes:

I saw the Oscar best feature in the Omniplex in Rathmines [Dublin 6] and thought I’d give my thoughts on it. A dark and tragic comedy like The Butcher Boy (1997), a class commentary like La Haine (1996). A well deserving winner in my book…

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5 thoughts on “Parasite Found

  1. Tony

    Parasite has been in the cinemas for weeks. This guy is obviously supposed to be the new LJG.

    I preferred LJG

    1. Charlie

      Parasite is fab. However, the review is too long and the constant cropping on the edit gave me a migraine.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    It is a plan of mine, sort of a couch bucket list, to see each of the Oscar, BAFTA and IFTA winning pictures.Then the nominated ones.

    Problem is, there are so many great films out there that never get nominated. This does not diminish the worth of films such as Parasite, but rather shows the wealth of talent out there.The list of just the films nominated shows how Parasite had to stand out to win. I have not yet seen it, but it is on my list.

    Yesterday I watched Gifted, a film with Chris Evans as an uncle trying to raise his gifted niece. A brilliant film, with excellent acting from all, including Mckenna Grace who played the little girl. Something rare in films, in my opinion, it captured childrens’ behaviour brilliantly. But it was not nominated for an Oscar. That was the year of the La La Land debacle, and Manchester By The Sea. But Gifted could have easily been there.

    1. Charlie

      Agreed. There are a lot of excellent movies out there but for every good one there’s 100 terrible ones. Where do they get the money? Oscars, Baftas, almost all Film Festivals are judged by a very small group of people (sometimes as low as just 3/4) and it becomes very subjective. There is no way of guaranteeing the best will make it to the podium. Many potentially great movies never even get beyond the proposed treatment stage.

  3. Gokkers

    I watched it and thought it was ok…nothing special. If the Americans remake it i’d give it a miss…worth a watch but alot of fuss about an ok film.

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