37 thoughts on “Monday’s Papers

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Well. For what is worth, it’s not our money. Yet.

      That said.

      4b – even 16b – in the scheme of things is fairly cheap.

    2. :-Joe

      Hahaha.. whatever is left of all that dough… is already baked into the bhoys retirement plans…

      Disaster surveillance (pseudo)capitalism and Oirish cute-hoorism at it’s best, baby…
      All of it still happening right in front of your face…

      “Ok, tell the good folks of Oirland what they’ve won for themselves”…


      – Oh stop it, don’t act like you didn’t know this would happen.. Why bother getting angry?…

      Just keep buying ‘murican junk products exported via asian slave manufacturing, giving up your life for exploitation by their crappy social networks and lapping up their foreign policy morning, noon and night dreaming of their fake but juicy poo poo burgers…

      & don’t forget how important foreign derp derp derp inverstment derp is to the neverending growth and competitiveness derp derp derrrr….p

      Free market neo-liberal economic theory works !


    1. :-Joe

      Wait a minute… they only learned how to skype yesterday, now they have driverless speaker cars driven by a hairy mary bot?..
      -Moore’s law has finally met it’s nemises.

      Elon? Save us from the second coming of oirish neo-catholicism…


  1. :-Joe

    Phwoaar… The Star… Voice of the nation!

    Propa journo lads wit da finga’s on de pulse!


  2. class wario

    As I keep saying, keeping people in a regular income and employment will benefit the real economy 1000x more than FG not doing so and trying to austerity the bollocks off everybody in 6-12 months time when nobody has a job and nobody has cash to spend on the huge amount of services that propped up our ‘full employment’. 4bn, 40bn whatever, just do it!

    1. Cian

      Where would Ireland be?

      We had out first death on 11/3; we are on day 11 and have had 0.8 deaths/million;
      Note: with a small population each single death here is deemed “0.2 deaths per million” which makes comparisons to bigger countries less accurate.
      – UK are day 11 with 3.5 deaths/million
      – USA are day 10 with 0.9 deaths/million

      1. dav

        that line in Titanic when the ship designer explains why it will sink ” It is a mathematical certainty.” comes to mind. The virus is here, it is not contained, leo didn’t pull that 15k figure out of the air. we can only hope our hospital staff aren’t incapacitated too soon

  3. :-Joe

    I’m thinking you’re more of a Megadeth type than an artist formally known as…
    – I happen to like a bit of thrash metal too..


      1. :-Joe

        Thrash metal is at the height of artistic expression in music..
        – Scientifically proven to be theraputic and it’s avid listeners tend to be more calm and balanced emotionally on average than the typical scando-pop addicted lightweights who are far more likely to flip in a crowd from hidden buried repressed inner emotional turmoil.

        Don’t knock it, till you rock it….


        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I liked it when I was a hormone driven frontal cortex missing teenager, can’t stand it now…but sure each to their own

        2. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I have a picture of you in an aging Metallica top now and grey socks, say it ain’t so Joe

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