Working From Phone?


Luke Brennan (him off the telly) writes:

My brother Kevin runs an online phone management service, and wanted to do something useful for people working from home over the next few months.

He put together an offer (see below) that would allow people to move their office phone to a home phone, without any cost, for 6 months.

He’d also be happy to help if anyone has any questions about moving your phone to home working…

Kevin Brennan writes

To help businesses work from home we’re offering 6-month free migration of any existing business phone number to callbrix (normally €4.99 per month, migration usually takes 24 hours) .

If you need an additional local phone number for a covid-19 information line we will also provide that 6-months free of charge (normally €4.99 per month).

In fairness.

Special ‘work from home’ offer during covid-19 crisis (Callbrix)

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3 thoughts on “Working From Phone?

  1. Bebe

    Well done Kevin and Luke. That’s so handy – hopefully your business will grow and those you help will remain customers in future as I see our future will involve a work -life balance that involves working for periods from home. A great offer guys, and most needed now.

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