Scarlet For You


Miss Scarlet.

English sleuth.

Irish heart.

Larry Bass, of Shinawil, writes:

Miss Scarlet and The Duke is a female detective series set in Victorian London, shot 100% in and around Dublin City last year.

This series was shot with the help of the government of Ireland tax incentive for the Irish Film & TV Industry. The series employed over 400 people in the making of this series

The series starts next Tuesday at 9pm on Alibi, one of the suite of UKTV channels available in Ireland on both Sky (channel 132) and Virgin Media (channel 151)…

Miss Scarlet And The Duke (Alibi)

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    1. V

      Bessie is a famous rock star
      How did I not know this?

      I thought he was like the male Vogue
      One of her ex’s
      Or one of the lads off Tallafornia

      Is he in The Script mebbe

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