13 thoughts on “Well Now

  1. Truth in the News

    Were able to govern ourselves thank you, and as to the next worse example the UN
    and all the balls they made of the World since they were set up, with 5 of the main
    power blocks having a veto……the British Empire is dead and buried Gordon
    And just remind us all, where is the solidarity with Italy or Spain from NATO or the
    EU, is it an example of the selfishess that’s in the mindset of some of main EU
    states that they could not care less about Italy in particular,….contrast this with the
    Russians sending 9 plane loads of supplies to Rome on Sunday evening after
    only being requested for help 24 hours previously, not much in the Western Media
    about it, but plenty if a TU 95 or TU160 flew down along the Atlantic coast line
    of Europe

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