Top (from left): Karl Henry, Dr Sumi Dunne, Kathryn Thomas, Aoife Hearne, Dr Eddie Murphy, tweet from RTÉ on Wednesday night

This afternoon.

RTÉ has dropped the title Operation Covid Nation for Operation Transformation – Keeping Well Apart.

Fergus McCormack writes:

In Operation Transformation: Keeping Well Apart, the team from Operation Transformation are back to try and help people get through these challenging times.

This is not a weight loss series. It is about providing individuals and families with the tools to sustain our collective effort.

Clinical Psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy will be offering tips on mental health and our resident GP Dr Sumi Dunne will be on hand to advise people on their health concerns. Dietician Aoife Hearne will be offering ideas on meal planning, weekly shops and there will be helpful “how to cook” videos available online.

While Karl Henry, the champion of the Ad Break Challenge will be showing people how they can stay fit in their homes. All exercises, resources tips and recipes will be available online.

At the heart of any series of Operation Transformation is people sharing their lives and experiences and, in doing so, helping others.

In this series we will be following the lives of households who have asked for the support of the Operation Transformation experts.

There you go now.

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11 thoughts on “Screech!

  1. curmudgeon

    Well I think I can confidently speak for everyone here when I say that this is exactly what the nation needs right now. RTE are on a roll. Definitely worth every penny of the license fee. I for one cannot understand how they went broke when they deliver quality programming like this, bolstered of course by their roster of ever dependable stars.

    PS get well soon Tubs!

    1. :-Joe

      Yes indeed… Truly awesome value never attempted let alone achieved anywhere before in media history… Economists everywhere must be shaken to their core from the sheer ingenuity of it all.

      It truly is a wonderous time to be isolated in front of a screen looking for healthy distractions…
      (I predict this show may actually single-handedly turn our elderly and previous technophobic members of society into dark interweb hacking geeks in less than a week)


      1. Ringsend Incinerator

        Totally agree. Superb community contribution by RTE. I’d rank Kathryn Thomas up there with the rest of the front line heroes. Selfless, always looking out for a PR opportunity and her wedding others and not at all bothered by the bottom line.

        RTE aren’t just ahead of the curve, they’re ahead of flattening it! Any chance of a Celebrity Dancing with the SARS to follow?

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