Sure Where Would You Get It?




Greystones, County Wicklow.

12 Green Giraffes writes:

Social Distancing rabbit enjoying a foggy morning…..


This morning.

Mount Brandon, County Kerry.

Via Shane Finn

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27 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        well he runs so looks younger than he is, just a touch of salt and pepper, I’m going with 36 -40

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            he does, describe your form there, do you know what I found great for a tidy up/ tune up of form, a bit of barefoot, naturally corrects anything a bit off,
            you’ll probably have to take it very easy though the next while so just the odd km barefoot could be the occasion :)

          2. Brother Barnabas

            on grass?

            i have recurring injuries in both my ankles and one knee so would be a bit afraid of that

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            what drop shoe do you use ?
            do you strike on your heel ?
            well grass would be a good start, there’s no need to worry as you will naturally land on the ball of your foot, and the arch of your foot will take shock as it was designed to carrying that shock up the leg in a less damaging way than when we wear shoes,
            you would need to start with about 500m a pop, you’ll probably find you feel it more in your calves if you don’t naturally forefoot run to start,
            I can recommend some great books that explain the biomechanics a little better than I have here ?
            the best part is you find out your feet are clever, you open up anew sense and dimension to your runs, your feet can kind of ” see”
            I have been at it a while, never once cut or scraped, the sole of your foot learns to flex away bits and pieces !

          4. Janet, I ate my avatar

            it really helped me iorn out a reoccurring Achilles, but like everything slow build

          5. Brother Barnabas

            either 4 or more recently altra zero drop – I’ve never, ever had any problem with achilles so can do it. and the lower the drop, more right it feels (for me)

            but last year or so, esp, get swelling in ankles unless I leave 3 full days in between

            I think I’d be a bit nervous barefoot on grass- glass etc, no?

          6. Janet, I ate my avatar

            that sucks, if it’s both ankles probably not stress fracture, are you on your feet lots for work anyway ? I’m sure you are probably all over elevation and ice, hope it’s a passing thing,
            to answer the grass and glass thing, I genuinely have never got hurt, I was surprised how much information your feet can give you and respond to the landscape when they are not wrapped up in coffins, think about all the things that don’t feel the same wearing eh hem gloves…I got a lecture from my doctor about wells disease after I mentioned I liked to barefoot the Phoenix park…rat pee sodden it turns out,
            but Hardy says ” mind chains do not clank where one’s next neighbour is the sky ”

            recommend reading if you are interested Footnotes by Vybarr Cregan-Reid

          7. Brother Barnabas

            ankles arent from running, I dont think

            my main thing is TK and I suspect some not-quite-right form in early days caused it

          8. Janet, I ate my avatar

            one of my early races resulted in a stress fracture on my tibia trying to show off to the boys would ya believe…
            hope these issues don’t cause you too much jip in the future, happy running ( when you’re better :) ) !

          9. Brother Barnabas

            interesting, thanks

            (“Thick-soled shoes are much more forgiving when running over glass, sharp objects, ice and so on.”


          10. Janet, I ate my avatar

            yeah in fairness I have a very light minimal shoe I slip on and off depending on road surface etc, and I’d never do more than 10km barefoot but it’s an experience I’d defo advocate :) love the freedom

  1. jamesjoist

    That rabbit was hard to spot until I enlarged the thumb-nail, then it becomes obvious, kinda like ‘where’s Wally’

    1. Paulus

      Good name for a rabbit.
      His home could be called Wally’s Warren.

      The spin-off series of children’s books could begin with;
      “Wally Keeps Warm in his Warren”
      (Cracks knuckles).

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