Early 1960s.

The Coffee Inn, South Anne Street, Dublin 2.

Via Photos of Dublin

Dublin City Library writes:

Described in 1980 as the “only place for cappuccino, hot chocolate and spaghetti,” the Coffee Inn on South Anne Street enjoyed an impressive life-span from 1954 to 1995. Customers could even savour their food while “under the dryer” at the Swan Room, a hairdressing salon located above the Inn…

Damn beatniks.

Name those jammers, anyone?

The Coffee Inn (Dublin City Libraries)

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13 thoughts on “The Inn Crowd

  1. Nilbert

    you could get a cappuccino in the Ritz in abbey street, to go with your sausage and chips/

  2. dhod

    I worked in that building almost 20 years ago when it was Aspecto. It has an unusual layout and I used to wonder what lay there before. Now I know

  3. Kerryview

    It was the best place to have real spaghetti dishes and coffee to die for. And it was incredible value for money, especially for an articled clerk in those days……

  4. The Old Boy

    Ford Prefect on the left. I can’t quite place the expensive model with British plates, though.

  5. Tarfton Clax

    Sid Simon someone run that place in the 80;s and did the Benzini brothers (Liam and Fachtna) play there a fair bit? or am I imagining that?

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      Dave Vine ran it.

      Simon McWiliams ran Mark’s Bros (later to become SImon’s Place)

      1. Tarfton Clax

        Cheers Ringsend Incinerator. That’s it. It was a while ago now…..

        “The memories they last the years, but names are just for souvenirs”

        1. Ringsend Incinerator

          Remember the one on the first floor of the corner of Wicklow St – what was it called again – the Alpha?

      2. Cú Chulainn

        From memory, Simon’s place is a few doors up from where Marks bros was.. such happy memories from the coffee dock.. which end of Wicklow St ? I can’t place a coffee shop there..

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