15 thoughts on “Sunday Drivers

  1. Max Bialystock

    The only car on the road and you’re still managing to drive in the wrong lane.

    1. Charlie

      and he’s on the phone…what’s the world coming to? I bet he used to chew gum in class too,

        1. Skeptik

          Ehm, weren’t a bunch of kids doing that very thing, chucking rocks off the bridge over the M50 at Firhouse?

  2. scottser

    is that the stretch between j13 and j12?
    it’s always nice to try spot the mobile phone masts disguised as trees along there. now that there’s no traffic you can really have a good goo.

  3. Murtles

    Is Simon an essential worker? His Twitter account doesn’t say, so why is he so special to be out and about driving when everyone else is at home? Is he one of these people that has to go out to see if anyone is going out?

      1. Charlie

        Maybe he’s visiting a parent. Maybe he’s visiting a granny or granddad? Maybe he’s visiting a sick aunt. Maybe he’s a vital component in the health service? Etc etc

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