Take Thy Bar From Out My Heart


Behold: NGC 1672 – one of many spiral galaxies (our own Milky Way included) to have a bar across their central core. To wit:

Prominently barred spiral galaxy NGC 1672  was captured in spectacular detail in an image taken by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope. Visible are dark filamentary dust lanes, young clusters of bright blue stars, red emission nebulas of glowing hydrogen gas, a long bright bar of stars across the centre, and a bright active nucleus that likely houses a supermassive black hole. Light takes about 60 million years to reach us from NGC 1672, which spans about 75,000 light years across. NGC 1672, which appears toward the constellation of the Dolphinfish (Dorado), has been studied to find out how a spiral bar contributes to star formation in a galaxy’s central regions.

(Image: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA; Processing & Copyright: Daniel Nobre)