“I Have Well And Truly Had Enough Of The News And Their Crap”


An image of Clare teenager Conor Wilmot, who died by suicide in May 2017, was used online falsely claiming he was the first boy to die from Covid-19 in the UK

Via The Clare Echo:

Conor Wilmot died by suicide in May 2017 following a twisted internet game, Blue Whale.

Now members of the Wilmot family have been disgusted following the publication of misinformation online.

Pictures of Conor have appeared on online articles claiming that he is Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab who was the first thirteen year old boy in the United Kingdom who is known to have died COVID-19.

Melanie Wilmot outlined her frustration at pictures of her younger brother being used in such fashion. “We’re devastated that they can do this, frankly had enough just let us be and leave Conor alone”.

She appealed to people to report such content if they came across it. “I have well and truly had enough of the news and their crap,” she added.

‘Leave us alone’ – Sixmilebridge family horrified at being falsely linked to UK COVID-19 death (Páraic McMahon, Clare Echo)

Previously: Conor Wilmot ‘found something on the internet that went wrong’ (Irish Times,  May 16. 2017)

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7 thoughts on ““I Have Well And Truly Had Enough Of The News And Their Crap”

  1. missred

    How in the name of god would a picture editor make such a colossal cock-up? You had one job FFS. Such needless distress for that poor family

  2. White Dove

    Just appalling. That poor family. How many other ‘errors’ are made that we never find out about?

  3. M

    This is actually far more common than people think.

    Noah Pozner – for example – died in the Sandy Hook terror attack in 2012 and then
    died again in a Pakistani terrorist attack 3 years later in 2015.

    I could make a long list of such ‘mistakes’.

  4. Joe cool

    The brother in law worked for sky in advertising. One day the other b.i.l. rang him and said he should check their website. what was so strange?. The lead story was of the 2 Iranian conjoined twins that had undergone the separation surgery….the advertisement in the corner? Dell computers double your memory ad

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