Lines On The Lockdown


Homecoming in arrivals at Dublin Airport last Christmas

Last hugs

Grateful for last hugs I shared
Before this virus took control
Thankful for the memories
That forever I will hold

Bear hugs filled with love
Hands I shook to say hello
Hugs filled with gratitude
For those I’m glad to know

Hugs deep with meaning
The sentiment will remain
In my thoughts for a long time
Imprinted in my brain

I even treasure the awkwardness
Of the uncertain embrace
We went in for it anyway
Despite feeling out of place

Little did we know back then
How the world would change
Ignorant of the enormity
The spread, the scope, the range

I’m glad we shared that hug
Back when we still could
We felt that human contact
And it felt really good

Eimear Grace


Lines on the lockdown to

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9 thoughts on “Lines On The Lockdown

  1. Tony

    In after getting caught short
    Inside in me pants
    I better check the cupboard
    For a fresh pair of scants

  2. Matt Pilates

    WHy are people being allowed fly/sail into Ireland?

    I don’t buy the argument they’re “Irish”, even if true.

  3. Paddy McAlórdumb

    Sexual frustration, during a pandemic..?

    Kids these days….
    Have they not heard of The Internet?

    Back in my day… etc.

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