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        1. Lush

          Thanks J. I have access to a beautiful garden and I’m still working part-time, so no complaints.

        1. Paulus

          Ah Shayna; have gone back to first-person? Paulus was just getting used to your third-person approach and now he’s confused.

    1. Shayna

      Also – couldn’t they have come up with a rehearsed line – we’re going to the supermarket that’s open on Easter Monday – if they’re stopped by Na Gardaí?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Well, people that keep light bulbs in tool boxes wouldn’t be that bright either in all fairness.

  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    The Tory rags are still ignoring the massive death toll in Britain. They had turned on Bozo but are not playing the party tune.

  2. Tommy Bohan

    Here we go again, the “Irish” Daily Mail have yet another British Royal story on front page. Do they ever learn? The March circulation figures are out this Thursday, I find it amazing they persist with this strategy, their sales have collapsed, no wonder with such a lack of Irish news.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I’m buying the Indo each morning for my cocooning parents. It has as many pages as a free paper, or one of their supplements at the moment. Years of trying to convince them to change to a different paper have failed, but at least it’s not the Daily Heil which I’ve flat out refused to buy for them, regardless of what freebie they want… which is usually a small A5 booklet map of Ireland.

      1. Some old queen

        Why do you feel entitled to censor or even want to change your parents reading material? If I had tried to do that to my late mother, I would have been a box long before her.

        1. Newname

          There’s a case to be made that daily mail is likely to contain misleading information leading to either unnecessary worry or inadvertently risky behaviour.
          Officially an unreliable source so tis

    2. GiggidyGoo

      There has to be some sort of scam going on. Maybe they receive grants, assistance, by having an ‘Irish’ edition, so have to try show that they are servicing the Irish market. Maybe Richard Bruton gave them some type of ‘Big Data’ grant for employment.
      Something stinks anyway.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    The HSE spinning again – making out that it’s a thing of nothing basically that errors in testing is only worth an apology. Nothing to see here.
    Those ‘fewer than’ 100 (it’ll be more than that of course) will of course have had contact with others and will have passed the virus on. The use of the phrase ‘fewer than’ would suggest that they know the number – so why not be exact and say 70, 80, 99 or whatever?
    Another test scandal for Holohan and Harris to try bury.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    The historic official public merging of FF and FG has moved into end game. No more a case of ‘we are different’. The shame being felt by the older generation of grassroots doesn’t bother the current crop of grassholes. The next general election will be the most interesting for decades. The candidates can car share I suppose.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      If they car share they can take turns checking for IRA car bombs.

      Remember a vote for SF/IRA is a vote for murder.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Childish muttereings and CTRL+V, MLAL

        Remember a vote for FF is a vote for FG
        Remember a vote for FG is a vote for FF

        1. Cian

          Remember a vote for SF is a waste of time because they won’t go to Westminister, won’t go to work in Stormont because flegs!, and won’t make any compromise to form a government in Dublin.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            a) Won’t go to Westminster ? In order to do that, they would have to swear allegiance to the Queen. Not something a Republican would do now is it Cian? Wouldn’t put it past John ‘Guffaw’ Bruton, or Frankie ‘Commonwealth’ Feighan, or Charlie ‘RIC’ Flanagan mind you. Have you sworn allegiance to her yet Cian?
            b) They are in Stormont as far as I’m aware.
            c) Compromise to form a government in Dublin?. That needs explaining Cian, because as far as I’m aware, SF were all for an all-party government. No compromises from FFG is what I’m reading. Nope – FFG want to have one last throw of the power dice.

            Remember a vote for FG may be a vote for FF, but it’s also a vote for the DUP policies. Which notable DUP lad or lass will be invited to address FG’s next Ard Fheis?

          2. Cian

            (a) I know why they won’t go to Westminister, and that people vote for them regardless. But it is still a vote wasted.
            (b) They were out of Stormont for three years
            (c) Why can’t SF form a government in Dublin? Because they would need to move closer to the centre and they aren’t willing to do that – they want all the other parties to agree to their terms.

  5. Some old queen

    The UK Office for National Statistics @ONS release weekly fatality figures for England and Wales. Every death where CoVid-19 was mentioned on the death cert is included, even if comorbidity and if no test occurred but, symptoms were present.

    It is difficult to read as there is two ways on collating data, one which takes longer than the other but they also run is a comparison against a five year average.

    On the week ending 27.03.2020, there was an additional 1011 more but only 539 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)” which means- either they were incorrectly categorised or more people are dying from other things.

    Unless I am misreading it of course. .

    New figures up to 03.04.2020 to be released today so- worth keeping an eye on.


    1. Donnchadh

      New figures are out, they make grim reading: https://mobile.twitter.com/ONS/status/1249980976912089088

      More than 50% greater than the five-year average for that week. Note also the number of deaths greater than the five-year average (c 6000) is much higher than the number attributed to covid-19 (i.e., where it was mentioned on the death certificate). That suggests that there may be a fair amount of under-reporting.

      1. Some old queen

        Maybe- but if a patient did not display CoVid-19 symptoms then no reason to report it as a cause of death and more importantly- cancelling so many other NHS treatments will most certainly have cost lives.

        Those graphs are so hard to read- the colour coding is awful.

        1. Cian

          from Donnchadh’s link:
          “In London nearly half (46.6%) of deaths registered in week ending 3 April 2020 involved COVID-19.”

          1. Some old queen

            But also according to Nick Stripe- the flu line does not include deaths where COVID was also mentioned. These appear in COVID only.

            The whole thing is weighted towards CoVid-19 then because a comorbidity should be in both lines in which case it will show a spike in flu deaths too.

          2. Cian

            What? so if someone has both a winter ‘flu AND COVID-19 and dies they are being counted in the COVID-19 only?

            How many people get multiple strains of the ‘flu simultaneously?

          3. Some old queen

            No they were counted as two infections but only displayed as one on the graph.

            My guess is these guys are top notch on tabular data but their visualisation skills leave a lot to be desired- that is giving them the benefit of the doubt of course.

        2. Donnchadh

          If a patient neither tests positive nor shows Covid-19 symptoms, I agree that covid-19 shouldn’t be included as a cause of death, Is this happening to any degree, though?

          Also, I don’t know what you mean by saying ‘The whole thing is weighted towards Covid-19’. On the contary – there has been a massive spike in overall deaths, and a large number of the extra deaths (i.e., the deaths above the average) are not recorded as mentioning C19. In the context of how few tests the UK are doing, I would say that is a reason to think that at least some of these deaths invovled C19 but are not being properly recorded as such, rather than deaths being wrongly ascribed to C19 when the disease played no role.

          1. Some old queen

            Sorry I was referring only to the graphs. My understanding is the data set counts comorbidity in both columns but it is only displayed on the graphs as CoVid-19, which is misleading.

            My point is that where more than one condition is present, for the purpose of displaying the differential infection rates of each, IMO they should be included in both.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    The historic official public merging of FF and FG has moved into end game. No more a case of ‘we are different’. The shame being felt by the older generation of grassroots doesn’t bother the current crop of buckos.. The next general election will be the most interesting for decades. The candidates can car share I suppose.

  7. Brother Barnabas

    @ Giggidy

    Gardaí interview Irish citizen over €15 million international Covid-19 scam https://jrnl.ie/5073759

    curious if you’ll also declare that from this point on you’ll never deal with an Irish person or buy any products from ireland again – along with the chinese as per previous comment

    1. GiggidyGoo

      An ‘Irish Citizen’ with funds of the scam being transferred to Nigeria. Reaping what Shatter et al sowed? It’s always worth taking the time to read the article and not just the headlines.

      1. A Person

        Does everything stink in your world. Daily Mail a scam, being paid by the govt (lets face it, its just a shxt paper). HSE is lying to everyone, even though on the whole they are doing a good job in extraordinary circumstances. FF and FG are all “grassholes” or “buckos” in your repeat comment (why repeat is differently? yet you support SF who have disappeared – where are they? Even Ms O’Neill is not making any comment. How do you sleep at night. Although judging by your comment timeline you don’t appear to sleep. Are you one of those 30 somethings living at home spending the whole night playing computer games? Why did you get rid of Man on Fire? Do you still text Gemma?

          1. A Person

            Don’t drink, unlike you obviously. You should try stopping, it might make us less miserable and paranoid. Again how come you shinners never answer questions? Where are SF in this crisis? Go on that is an easy one.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            You ask the same question every day A-Thing and you get the same answer. Write it down, and stick it on the tankard beside you:

            SF, along with many other parties, have said that the solution to the state of the country at the moment is to have an all-party government, which SF would like to be part of.
            FFG on the other hand have fluted about for almost two months now, trying to work out a way to maintain the status quo as regards power. That’s where FG and FF have been for 2 months in a crisis. And, as we can all see, the crisis isn’t being handled well at all. There are only so many photo opportunities one can make normally, but Varadkar bucks the trend and finds any excuse for one.

            Don’t forget now – stick it to your tankard.

          3. ReproBertie

            “And, as we can all see, the crisis isn’t being handled well at all.”
            In what way?

        1. :-Joe

          Ahh.. never fails to make you feel younger, calmer, a little more reasonable and open minded…
          – Thanks A Person, you’re doing a great selfless service in our time of great need…

          Boost your immune system with the healthy natural medicine of fresh fruit and veg…


  8. :-Joe

    Trying to encourage and be, calmness and positivity under the circumstances… but Inside, and not for the first time, I’m more than just irritated by hearing this nonsense again and again….

    The main loudest voice for advice on technology in the mainstream.. Newstalk and Jess Kelly, this time on Pat Kenny spreading more monumentally idiotic advice…

    Starts off technology advice by recommending a coffee pod machine..
    – Ye, great idea for the environment.. but ok.. np.. just the usual repeat promotion for another partner brand. Cha-Ching…

    Goes on to strongly recommend the following…

    – Apparently, everyone should allow gurgle to have full access over your photos and photo library and history(location/personal data anyone?) for quick access and ease of use..
    – Easier for who and for what cosequences exactly?.. No mention of the important facts to consider whatsoever…

    We all should be like her and consider using gurgle home for… anything and everything.. i.e. whatever the reason… it’s great.
    – Again, no mention of any of the long list of actual and possible negative consequences.

    – On and on and on…. with more bad information far outweighing and obscuring any little amount of actual decent advice.

    Sure, let’s have more 24/7/365 surveillance pseudo-capitalism and data collection by foreign corporations and state security services working together to control you. It’s the same as your exaggerated fear of China except at least China get’s everyone to agree to it or threatens they will die, so at least you know where you stand from the start.

    Alphabet Inc. the parent company of gurgle are a front end, consumer facing shell company for the us military industrial complex(this is a real technical and accurate term btw) and security services state surveillance apparatus.

    It’s at least in part directly controlled, managed(via the us state department) and was also originally funded by In-Q-Tel, originally a CIA taxpayer funded venture capital system for investing in technology systems development for national security interests(global spying).
    – Yes, I know what some of you are already thinking.. Yes, It’s practically the modern reality version of SKYNET. (if you think I’m crazy go look it up for yourself. It’s called In-Q-Tel)

    It’s nothing personal here but people need to be aware she is not a technology expert or anyone with even half a clue enough to even consciously decide the ethical and moral ramifications of promoting so much toxic information from a position of power and influence.

    I’m assuming and hoping that it’s not intentional and about choosing to be evil as gurgle have decided to be. I believe there is actually no awareness going on here by Newsderp Inc. apart from the bottom line and the benefits to promoting the bunk perpetual growth cult ideaology.

    A competant radio producer who likes tech, is masquerading as a technology journalist but fails to report on 99% of the real issues that are going on all the time around us and when it does happen it’s a passing thought. with no discussion with anyone experienced in any real depth.

    Yet, they never fails to offer up a promotion or sales pitch for many of the main offenders like gurgle and facederp in between selling junk coffee machines and promoting commercial partners like harvey norman etc. It’s Commercial corporate media at it’s best ability and worst consequence at the same time…

    You are the consumer and we know what you want, “Give me convenience or give me death”… is the only reasonable argument and should be the tag line after the shows title.

    TLDR: Stop relying on and using gurgle products and services. It’s an enemy of human rights, common sense and decency both for you and all your fellow earthlings. Also, you’re the dumb being led by the blind if you follow Newsderp for technology advice beyond how to print a document or buy the latest flagship junk.

    Boost your immune system with the healthy natural medicine of fresh fruit and veg…


      1. :-Joe

        I’m inside your head Rob_g, Go on,admit it..

        It’s ok to talk aboiut your feelings…
        I know deep down you’re loving every minute of it.
        All the time we’ve spent going back and forward lately,
        All I know for sure is that I can feel it too..
        I’m not sure that I feel the same way though..

        How about if I get my own “LiveJournal” will you be able to come along and join in?

        You could continue with your bizarre and nonsensical strawman style of argument, over and over again that you’re so good at…

        Otherwise, It just wouldn’t be the same without you…

        Boost your immune system with the healthy natural medicine of fresh fruit and veg…


          1. :-Joe

            Concision in media limits debate and an open free discussion and exchange of ideas in public forums on important issues that effect the majority of people. People. whose thoughts, opinions and voices often have little or no representation at all in society.

            It’s essentially used as both a form of censorship and used to manipulate public thinking and used to control public opinion. It’s a sophisticated tool and method required for a sophisticated society who values freedom, liberty and all the good things that come with human rights and democracy.

            “In the interest of brevity”, is a term often used as an excuse instead of honestly admitting the concision already built into the nature and everyday processes of most mainstream 20th century legacy based media systems.

            Developed over time it’s used in order to distract from the truth, shape the mass collective mindset and mould it to the will of the elites, the powerful and usually for the greatest benefit to only the wealthiest tiny minority in a society.

            Brevity may be the soul of wit in one sense but it’s also the spirit of tyranny in another..

            I know you’ll have more to say so stop fooling yourself.. I won’t be telling the same bare faced lie, acting like an eejit, claiming I would deny a reply in future to your.soul….
            eh,… less brevity of wit?

            TLDR : Brevity is also a byword for concision which is also a form of tyranny.

            [Enjoy fresh fruit and vegtables, your healthy source of free, abundant, immune health medicine]


  9. :-Joe

    Hey, ‘arry look, yer missus is on yer left, behind you ‘arry, she’s right there !…
    Pfff.. typical confused royal in a foreign land…


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