No Place For It


There you go.

More as he gets it.

Related: It’s going to cost taxpayer €50k-a-day to have Dail sit in Convention Centre (


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10 thoughts on “No Place For It

  1. Clampers Outside

    “Each sitting day will then cost approximately €50,000”

    If set up cost is done at €110k, and the venue is free… How the fupp does it cost €50k for a days’ sitting thereafter?

    1. Dilbert

      All the reasons for not able

      Maybe just maybe one day we might cop on and realize now we need government and the parliament sitting and if they will not provide it a covid 19 payment to replace their salary like the rest of us
      No sitting no

    1. ____

      It really doesn’t.

      There’s the odd bit that’s daft or outdated but the vast majority is very solid and works very well in a nuts-and-bolts kind of way.

      Compare it to somewhere like the US, where the whole thing is so vague that drastically different interpretations are possible and appointments are era-defining political matters.

      Who’s on the Irish supreme court? Nobody cares. That shows that the constitution is working.

  2. brughahaha

    Funny how legal advice suits the Government, everytime, without ever being challenged.And then we find out afterwards it was all bollox.
    Rent freezes spring to mind.

  3. ____

    Is it just me or is Freddy boy getting that whole relationship between constitution and legislation kind of backwards?

  4. Barry the Hatchet

    I always find it baffling when things like this are reported. Broadly speaking, if you put 10 lawyers in a room together and ask them to interpret a bit of the constitution, they’ll come up with 10 different answers. But the advice given to government is always reported as being completely final – end of discussion. It’s bizarre.

    1. Cian

      That is because the government is making a decision based on the advice.
      The decision is made.- end of discussion.

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