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  1. Otis Blue

    How demented is it that The Daily Express should regard the death of 104 frontline health workers as “self-sacrifice”?

    I’d wager their families, friends and colleagues view it differently.

    1. Matt Pilates

      The Daily Express also regards serial liar and ducker of responsibility, Boris Johnson, as an NHS champ – even saving his life from whatever he made up.

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      104 carer deaths in the UK is shocking. The PM and cabinet should resign. Of course, they won’t. These innocent people have been sacraficed in the name of poorly thought out herd immunity. The provision of PPE was within the control of the government. I watched Laura Kunsberg (political editor) on BBC the News. She is such a lap dog for the Tories. No criticism, just that the government say they are happy with improving numbers.

        1. Andrew

          no point Dav. The sheeple have spoken.
          ”But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”

          We have always been at war with Eurasia or is it Eastasia?

  2. diddy

    what is the ratio of distressed dysfunctional children being born today compared to 30 years ago compared to those of the tax laying and educated ….I see a very unstable violent population pyramid coming

  3. GiggidyGoo

    So Holohan reckoned we hit the peak a couple of weeks ago?
    When will these ego trippers realise that they should tell the truth?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        @f_lawless – did you see recent ‘confirmation’ that air quality is a significant issue in mortality rates from covid19?

        you posted a link suggesting that around 5 weeks ago, if I recall correctly

        1. f_lawless

          The article I posted above links to this article:


          Says the same thing. Quote:
          “..a leading expert at the University of Oxford has argued the peak was actually about a month ago, a week before lockdown started on March 23, and that the draconian measures people are now living with were unnecessary.

          Professor Carl Heneghan claims data shows infection rates halved after the Government launched a public information campaign on March 16 urging people to wash their hands and keep two metres (6’6”) away from others.

          He said ministers ‘lost sight’ of the evidence and rushed into a nationwide quarantine six days later after being instructed by scientific advisers who he claims have been ‘consistently wrong’ during the crisis.

          Professor Heneghan hailed Sweden – which has not enforced a lockdown despite fierce criticism – for ‘holding its nerve’ and avoiding a ‘doomsday scenario’. “

          1. D

            There are several months waiting before an accurate picture of the number of deaths on a particular day can be calculated.

            Therefore it will be several months before they know what date was the exact peak of deaths.

            Therefore it is premature to calculate based on averages of time to death from infection, (which are grossly inaccurate), what date the peak of infection was actually at.

            Nowhere are journalists reporting confidence intervals or margin of error.

            You can see numerous countries retroactively adjusting their statistics and this will continue.

            Really bad news out of Sweden today and quite possibly, more to come.

          2. Rob_G

            Thanks for that.

            It is worth noting that there are plenty of other virologists/epidemiologists who would hold a more pessimistic view, but I appreciate you posting the link.

          3. Donnchadh

            Replying to D: I’d share some of your concerns with Prof Heneghan’s claims, in particular how robust the data is for the time from infection to death, and what the confidence interval for estimates of the averages of those times. That said, the figures for the NHS daily death totals which we have, even if they are subject to some revision, provide at least some grounds for (very cautious) optimism.

            Also, the news from Sweden might not be quite as bad as it looks: https://mobile.twitter.com/cricketwyvern/status/1252572071797960704

          4. Donnchadh

            Obviously the NHS numbers are tragic. But insofar as a pattern is clear, it seems to be one of gradual decline. Of course we may have to revise these figures in due course, but that’s a lot better than if the daily totals were clearly climbing.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    And a view of a doctor of our politicians?
    Dr Marcus de Brun has described the management of the crisis as “the biggest political blunders in the history of the Irish State”.
    No surprise there.

    1. Cian

      And a view of a different doctor of our politicians?
      Fine Gael are the best party every.


  5. Gabby

    Murder victim Cameron Blair was a fine young man of great promise. They should establish a foundation with his name to encourage youth citizenship.

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