Live from Poland.

Celebrating 420 yesterday, Derek Clabby (top), frontman of Dublin ska band The Bionic Rats, dedicates ‘Legalise It’ and ‘Got To Have Kaya Now’ to ‘erb enthusiast Johnny Keenan (him off the telly).

Tune into Bionic Del’s daily positive vibrations here

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3 thoughts on “Smoking

  1. Johnny Keenan

    Fair play Nick. Thanks for post.

    @Pip He is.

    He is also front man of legendary Dublin ska band   The Bionic Rats, and former guitarist and songwriter with regggae sensation #Kingsativa has the energy of a lion. 

    His songs are of the highest  musicanship. Always packed with a soft jab and a pleasnt punch. 

    When we look back on who really played their part in keeping positive vibrations going Bionic Del will be at top of the list. 

    It wont be Billy Ray Virus or any other hack from ‘The One World Consumer Concert’

    it wil be  someone who gave comfort and craic to the many of need, not of greed.

    Someone exactly like Del.

    He’s been keeping us going everyday since before Paddys day and then he  goes and give us gigs like this.

    The Foggy Dew can certainly look forward to full houses once again, when #KingRat is back in town.  #SeriousSundaySessions await.

    All the time Del is asking friends and fans to donate to St Francis Hospice Raheny. A hospice that gave pallative care to his mother and father when they needed it. 

    Really shows his heart is in it for all the right reasons.

    Not a smoker of the herb himself, he still beleives every one has the right to decide their own destinstion. As ling as they ste nit hurting anyone else.

    A real genuine guy.

    Check him out!

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