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  1. some old queen

    The reckless way in which not just the media but some politicians are attempting to crank up the C19 fear factor is disgraceful- I seriously question their motives.

    At this point no one knows how this pandemic is going to pan out and picking dates out of their backsides is not helpful- particularly as a lot of people are feeling very vulnerable right now.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    ‘Deaths from virus continue to decline’ heralds the Examiner.
    The deaths on Monday was 77. Up, not down.

    And this ‘fact’ is still being reported by RTE ‘Generally, you need to be 15 minutes or more in the vicinity of an infected person and within two metres of them, to be considered at-risk, or a close contact.’ https://www.rte.ie/news/2020/0420/1132711-irish-covid-figures/

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The 15 minute thing though is getting me. Why are the Gardai hassling individuals on their own in a park in the vicinity (2 meters) of no one for 15 minutes?

        1. scottser

          just start doing press ups and they have to leave you alone.
          or you could ring gemma, john and the crutch lady who’ll come down and constituitionalise the f out that guard for you.

  3. Niamh

    So many reasons to hate the Sun but their use of ‘footie’, a word nobody in Ireland has ever used ever, is a reoccurring tacky lazy bugbear of mine.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Have China just won WW3 without firing a shot or dropping a bomb or sending military into action?

  5. some old queen

    This study was casually name dropped before the White House Press Briefing yesterday- probably deliberate but interesting read either way.

    USC-LA County Study: Early Results of Antibody Testing Suggest Number of COVID-19 Infections Far Exceeds Number of Confirmed Cases in Los Angeles County

    Los Angeles (April 20, 2020) – USC and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) today released preliminary results from a collaborative scientific study that suggests infections from the new coronavirus are far more widespread – and the fatality rate much lower – in L.A. County than previously thought.


      1. some old queen

        Tell me, do you try to put people down with bitchy snide remarks in real life too- or is it just your online persona?

        1. bisted

          …someone of your erudition will have recognised that my avatar is a spoonerism and I readily admit to having a matching cynical and sarcastic nature,both in real life and online…unlike you, I only have one personna…

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I always thought Bisted meant baked ( not the cookie kind ) is that the right track ?

          2. some old queen

            Firstly I only have one persona on this site- don’t see the of point shape shifting to be honest. Secondly I only voice an opinion or react to someone else’s opinion but I try never to get personal. You on the other hand, only get personal and never actually have an opinion.

            Above all, a few errors made with wine on board but, I genuinely do not wish anyone harm. If I am wrong in my logic then show me where I am wrong- is that too much to ask?

  6. Rob_G

    I think that the Corona virus must have been created to stop Dublin winning six-in-a-row by some sort of Kerry/Chinese axis.

        1. Paulus

          “Hello, you’re through to Healy-Rea International Translation Services; how can I help oo?”

    1. D

      Awful news.

      The headline is a little bit sensationalist – Coronavirus death toll in UK twice as high as official figure.

      The ‘official figure’ is for deaths in hospitals and I’ve yet to see anybody claim otherwise, but maybe this has not been made clear enough to people along the way.

      Bravo that the FT are making this coverage free to read.

  7. Quest-Royale

    Thank you, Some Old Queen, for spreading more pointless, yet viral, junk information droplets. It really adds to the miasma of pointless, yet viral, junk information droplets already flying around. Your consistently pointless hot takes make you a real hero at this difficult time. Take a bow.

  8. Quest-Royale

    There is nothing to rebut, I’m saying, just in case you had difficulty reading the big words, that SOQ constantly spews out information, legitimate, or more often than not tinged with some kind of conspiracy gunk, that is completely and utterly irrelevant to our current situation, and tries to mash data from irrelevant sources to make a point about the pandemic here. And in doing so, is simply spreading more irrelevant manure, muddying the waters, possibly because she just likes the sound of her own voice.

    1. Quest-Royale

      Yep, I’m Edna Think Tank too, but none of the other handles you muddled together there. And what?

    2. scottser

      can you prove his information is ‘tinged with conspiracy gunk’? or would you just like us to take your word for it?

      1. Quest-Royale

        I don’t have to, it’s self-evident. Maybe not for the great throngs of malleable online goons, but for anyone with half an ounce of intellectual discernment it is painfully obvious.

  9. Harry Robertson

    An available job in RTE and Miriam O’Callaghan is like Meryl Streep at the oscars. Constantly nominated

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Miriam must not get the gig.
      Claire Byrne is very good, and very busy.
      Sarah McInerny would be perfect. As would Boucher-Hayes, or Jonathan Healy, if they can poach him.

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