Testes Times


Sitting comfortably?

Dublin-based comedian, writer and impressionist Liam Hourican with another ‘character in isolation’.

Liam writes:

‘Gordon Ramsay’ fries his own bollocks…


Liam Hourican

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10 thoughts on “Testes Times

  1. Rob_G

    The stuff he is saying isn’t very funny, and his accent is just ‘generic British’, not particularly evocative of Ramsey (and I mean come on – Ramsey is one of the easier people to impersonate).

  2. fluffybiscuits

    The effects of lock down number 1,328 – thinking you are hilarious when you are not

  3. Paulus

    Oliver Callan’s job is safe.
    I think last Friday’s Callan’s Kicks was the last in a series.

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