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      1. Otis Blue

        In his own words:


        Want more?

        “More than 10 years ago, after years of quietly studying high street retailers and menswear brands, I believed there to be a gap in the market for a menswear brand that told true stories like books and films in a language that my friends and I spoke. I wanted to read, research, learn new things, find meaning & put that meaning into clothing , content and copywriting and tell stories that could just as easily be books or documentaries. After 6 years of hard work across design, marketing, copywriting, content creation, e-commerce, & talent ID with @dunnesstores we created VANGUARD, PUSH, BORN MAD, BOXER, MISTER, SHELBY, BOGMAN, RAGLAN, TATTOOED MAN, BIKER & SCAFFOLDER all true cultural stories of great people, poor people, great times, poor times, sport, war, music, literature, art & architecture. These are testing times but not poor times. Poverty is giving up on the future….SCAFFOLDER is for the labourers, construction workers, and makers who build our houses, homes, places & spaces. We will keep building the future with ideas and vision, sharing & believing in partnerships and keeping the blind faith that tells us the best is yet to come. Thank you for your support so far. #design #storytelling #marketing #meaning #future #vision #now @luccaallen1

      2. SOQ

        In fairness- any straight man who calls a well known flabby scene queen homophobic is pretty certain that they have something worth contributing to the world of male fashion.

        But with that beard- I doubt it.

        1. Covid V

          Ah stop

          Don’t wind me up
          I’ve hit rockdown bottom

          The last thing I need now is to be reminded of his beard
          And how badly I need a wax

          1. V

            Not sure about the Munster Club there Oh’T

            As County Final winning amalgamation/ 3rd level sides aren’t allowed outside the Country in the Club Championship

  1. SOQ

    Quite enjoyed the Late Late last night for a change- Ryan had a certain humility and realness about him- he appeared very short of breath at the beginning mind but less of the polish and more of him, which was good.

    May Lou was well Mary Lou but surprised she didn’t get dug into the nursing home thing- now is not the time I suppose. Sounds like she had a rough time of it. Kind of strange how different people have different symptoms- she said she had very little breathing issues which is the opposite of most.

    I really do like Dermot Kennedy. He has a powerful voice and a great writer but a very unassuming appearance and manner- although I do wish he would shave. What is it with young lads not bothering to shave these days? It just looks so scruffy. Never knew he was a nephew of Marys.

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Disunited Kingdom…give the Scots another chance, then the north. I think they will fancy their chances, rather than going down with the Tory Titanic.

    1. Frankie Knuckles

      Would this be the Tory Titanic that has an 80-seat majority in Parliament for the next 5 years ? And the Scots running an independent economy based on Brent Crude at 16 bucks a barrel ?

      1. SOQ

        Prof Giesecke says that it cannot be stopped, only down slowed, and if the hospitals are not over whelmed and most people have mild or no symptoms- why would you want to? Just focus on protecting the vulnerable- which really hasn’t happened, especially in Ireland.

        People have and are going to continue to die from this thing but if as reported that nearly half of all European coronavirus deaths were among care home residents- a substantial amount of people already have or had it.


  3. Matt Pilates

    UK passes milestone of 20,000 coronavirus hospital deaths


    This is so appalling. RIP all.

    And where’s Johnson? Some leadership. Still dodging responsibility and decision-making.

    Ireland is doing well. Proud of the nation. Consider the two countries either side of us, the U.S. and the UK – one led by a money-grubbing headcase and the other by an ineffectual debating society coward.

    1. SOQ

      Speaking of money grubbing- has any of our insurance funded for profit hospitals offered their services for free?

  4. f_lawless

    One thing is clear about the Covid-19 crisis: it’s a damning indictment of the politics of FF and FG – whose policies over the previous decades have led us to this point. A compromised healthcare system that is unfit to meet the needs of the population. Anyone feeling proud of our current government at this point, needs a bit more perspective, I’d say.

    “What the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated quite clearly is the complete failure of Ireland’s two-tier health system not only in terms of bed and ICU capacity, but also on the reliance of private nursing homes for elderly care. It has demonstratively left them more exposed and more at risk.

    When this crisis is over, we should never again return to a two-tier health system. We should demand that the private hospitals remain in public hands and that we end the for-profit system of private nursing homes, because by their own admission they are incapable of dealing with a crisis without massive state intervention”


    1. SOQ

      Germany has a concurrent public / private health care system and they have the lowest CoVIS-19 deaths in Europe? Also- was there not more deaths in Irish PUBLIC nursing homes than private per head?

      1. f_lawless

        I’m not sure – do you have a source for that re:proportion of deaths in public homes? But regardless, is it not a fair argument to make that public nursing homes have been chronically underfunded a result of right wing policies and mismanagement?

        Healthcare in Germany’ is built on the long legacy .(140 years) of a health insurance system centred on the principle of social solidarity Despite the introduction of a private tier in the modern era, the vast majority (90%) remain in the public system whereas about 45% of Irish are on private healthcare insurance- the highest in Europe I believe. Comparing apples and oranges a bit

        1. SOQ

          No I don’t have a stat I am just asking if there is an actual break down of those odd 500 cases is all.

          I suppose my point is that a fully public system like UK’s NHS is not all it is made out to be either. Measuring just on free point of access is ignoring some serious quality issues. The US for example is completely private but also a wold leader in some treatments.

          Does Germany and France not have a token based system where you can go to either? But you are right, lack of investment is the main problem.

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