To Be Sovereign And Indefeasible


For the day that’s in it.

Old Ireland in Colour writes:

On this day 104 years ago, the Easter Rising began. At 12:45pm, PH Pearse read out the Proclamation of the Irish Republic from the steps of the GPO

Old Ireland In Colour has colourised, enhanced and restored photographs of the seven proclamation signatories – Thomas J. Clarke, Seán Mac Diarmada, Thomas MacDonagh, P. H. Pearse, Éamonn Ceannt, James Connolly and Joseph Plunkett – for today…



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6 thoughts on “To Be Sovereign And Indefeasible

  1. Learphollach

    That picture of Pearse, he could almost be a member of Kraftwerk. On a more serious note, how come Larkin didn’t take part in the uprising?

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