“You Are The Right Person To Lead The Green Party”


This morning.

RTÉ’s Fiachra Ó Cionnaith reports:

Four Green Party councillors have written to deputy leader Catherine Martin “urging” her to challenge Eamon Ryan for the leadership of the party.

Cork City and County Councillors Lorna Bogue, Oliver Moran, Colette Finn and Liam Quaide wrote to Ms Martin yesterday evening, saying they believe she and not Mr Ryan is “prepared to make difficult choices for the greater good”.

“In February, Ireland voted for change. We believe with your style of leadership, your convictions and your work ethic, you are the right person to lead the Green Party,” reads the letter, which has been seen by RTÉ News.

Martin urged to challenge Ryan for Green Party leadership (RTÉ)


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3 thoughts on ““You Are The Right Person To Lead The Green Party”

  1. theo kretschmar-schuldorff

    Ciaran Cuffe is the only one they’ve got capable (and likeable) enough to lead the party. Present leadership included.
    Can an MEP be a national parliamentary leader?

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Well, if she doesn’t, it’ll show up the Greens as a stagnant party with no direction bar Eamon Ryan’s craving for a ministership.

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