Staying In Tonight?


Course you are.

Broadsheet on the Telly returns at 9.30pm with another lockdown special streaming LIVE here and on our YouTube channel.

Join old friends, new pals and domestic pets as we discuss FREEDOM (and cakes).

Bring tea.

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12 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Chummley

    I just wonder when the covid 19 payments are stopped if the streets will have no name

          1. millie in handcuffs

            Are you waiting for an invite, John? I thought this was, more or less, your party. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

          2. V'ness

            As Bodger would say
            ” Trust the plan”

            In fact“It’s happening”
            Has been our theme / working title since we went live – we’re live yes we are live again (◔‿◔)
            With these Pandemic reels

            Think of the shows with no episode numbers / titles as test runs, like out-of-town previews, soft openings, or even technical rehearsals

            So until then – when it’s happening actually happens
            Trust the plan

    1. SOQ

      Fearless- usually attributed to Drag Queens but now mainly people who won’t wear masks in open spaces- be a Drag Queen- show your face in open air spaces- it’s getting silly now.

  2. SOQ

    According to RTE 9 tonight NEWS- less than 5% of the population has been infected by this particular coronaAa virus- state sector mystic meg so.

  3. Lilly

    Thanks guys, I enjoyed that, first time listening live. You are all so cheerful! Definitely needs more JR to pull it all together.

    Are none of you watching Normal People? So good this week.

    1. V'ness

      I haven’t

      but with all the fussing and hoo haa

      I’ve an awful feeling I’m going to be disappointed

      like with Ozark

      and I’m hearing yer man did the durt on his club as well (︶^︶)
      Well I’ve no time for that carry on (︶^︶)
      at all at all
      No matter how handy a player his was(︶^︶)

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