‘We Are Propping Up The Private Hospital System To The Benefit Of The Institutions Involved’


Private hospital owners Larry Goodman (left) and Denis O’Brien

The nationalisation of our private hospitals to increase capacity in the midst of a pandemic was a bold and well-intentioned initiative.

However, given the improving Covid-19 picture, now is the time for the Government to back out.

The current scheme will worsen inequality, not improve it, due to the opportunity costs involved.

We are haemorrhaging money that could otherwise be spent on social services, public housing, primary care, or an economic stimulus for the 28 per cent who are unemployed.

Distributing resources to these areas reduces health inequalities more effectively than elective operating theatres. We are propping up the private hospital system to the benefit of the institutions involved, not the Irish public.

Dr Diarmuid Sugrue,
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,

Funding the private hospitals (Irish Times Letters)

Yesterday: 115 Million A Month

Previously: €44,000 Paid Per Private Bed In April


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23 thoughts on “‘We Are Propping Up The Private Hospital System To The Benefit Of The Institutions Involved’

  1. Johnny

    “Business tycoon Denis O’Brien moved the tax residency of a company that owns the debt of the Beacon Hospital, Dublin, to Luxembourg in 2016, it has emerged. This followed a government decision to close a loophole that let vulture funds avoid tax on profits earned in Ireland.

    The Luxembourg move means O’Brien’s company pays its tax there, although it earned almost €8m in one year from its Beacon arrangement.”


      1. Johnny

        Optically what message does it send when FG is reliant on the support of a convicted liar and tax cheat..

        In his SEC fillings relating to the bankruptcy of Digicel,after stripping it off over 1 billion he makes numerous mentions of his life saving work with Concern,which is somewhat the aid/charitable arm of the FG govt.

        This ‘flooding of the zone’ by DOB with charitable endeavors is openly facilitated by FG and has the intent of creating so much noise that no one is able to actually figure out whats going on.

        There is no reason other that reputation washing the DOB sits on the board of Concern,its going be a problem for them in US,you don’t just stiff US bondholders out a few billion then cut a ribbon on some well project financed by the irish state in Haiti-nah its not happening.

        He needs step-down from the Board of Concern today.

  2. Johnny

    …people taking advantage ……….FFS can FG please stop protecting and propping up this insufferable dick.

    “DOB: Ireland needs to urgently double down on funding for universities and third level institutions. We need to be ready with a strong pool of graduates to meet the demand for job opportunities that will be available in several key sectors, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, human genomics, precision medicine, drug research, quantum computing, science and data sectors.

    We also cannot continue to be a ‘bed and breakfast’ location for multinationals taking advantage of our tax policies. We need to get out ahead of the imminent OECD tax changes and change our ways rapidly.”

    people taking advantage ……….


      1. Johnny

        ..this is my favorite part, reminds me of my father when I was younger, if I complained about the cold or being hungry,he’d tell a story of walking almost barefoot to school holding a hot potato to warm his little hands which then became his lunch…my mother told me years later he was making all up:)

        -my fav part Rob

        “From my early teens I had part-time jobs. When I was 14, I worked as a bellboy at the Central Hotel in Dublin where I earned about €8 a week. I later worked as a waiter in Dobbins restaurant. I learnt a lot about human behaviour as a waiter. In my mid-teens, I went to London where I got a job as a painter and stone cleaner.”

        He grew up in Ballsbridge – not as a painter in Kilburn !

        1. Rob_G

          Ok. Do you think he made it up? Have you brought your concerns to the attention of the editors of the College Tribune?

          1. Johnny

            Agreed Rob,I’m just about write a letter,in the meantime I’ve been wagging a scorched earth campaign to get Digicel’s bankruptcy and possible sale of its pacific assets to the Chinese on the MAGA radar.

            Largest off shore Clinton Foundation donor, strips third wold telco of over 1 billion while flying around on a Gulf Stream with the Clintons,stiffing American savers,widows and orphans who invested in the bonds….but maybe a letter is a better idea:)


  3. Vluffy

    Just so ye know
    this was tied up and a deposit paid (circa 44million yoyos)
    by way of a unsigned draft agreement (until FOI proves otherwise)
    Before the Special Package for Care Homes and Nursing Homes was rolled out by Harris on the 4th April

    And on a disclosure
    Tadgie (Nursing Homes Lobbiest) is a pal of mine, although we haven’t spoken since last years championship

  4. broadbag

    I’ve yet to see any refund from my (now useless) private health insurance, gougers!

  5. Cian

    I agree with Dr Diarmuid Sugrue; it was a good idea in March – but it should be terminated now.

    1. V'ness

      It was a half arsed idea in March – when it had the potential to be a good idea.

      But special interests were prioritized and unfortunately the potential of the initiative was lost

      I’m still aghast that the deposit of 44 ish million was completed before the special care package for Nursing Homes / Care Homes and Communal Community Residential Facilities was devised

      Making sure donors to, and beneficiaries of, previous Fine Gael led Governments wouldn’t be out of pocket is a very callous response to the acting Government’s response to the Pandemic. That that was one for their first actions is disgusting. Yet that’s what a former Garda Commissioner said about retired Sargent Maurice McCabe

      We’re all on this together my A55
      They didn’t even make an effort to hide the apartheid

      1. :-Joe

        +100%… Sadly this is just a repeat of the standard operating procedure, the natural modus operandi of a political culture and their play-book’s only option as a default starting position in a crisis..

        It’s the epitomy of a failed system perpetuated by the F-f/g establishment for the minority of wealthy elites above and before the needs of the majority, even the needs of the aspiring upper-middle class and not only the poor or vunerable, sick in hospitals, in nursing homes, homeless or trapped in our modern Irish internment camps(direct provision).

        All the hospitals should be taken back into into public/state ownership and close all the greedy loopholes and regulate the crap out of the bad actors until we have a system that works for the people first.

        The Cuban healthcare system has always quitely been a beacon of hope for the whole world and now it can no longer be intentionally ignored or dismissed as just “red-scare” communism.

        It is working so well at the moment and in helping other nations that it looks more and more like a dream scenario for everyone to implement.
        – Even Tony Blair the aspiring thatcherite tory and unprosecuted war-criminal tried to do a version of it in britain when he was prime minister(scumbag) now decades ago.

        :-J – https://www.privacytools.io

        1. A Person

          Now you are trolling. The Cuban health system is a beacon? Have you ever been to Cuba. I did- my taxi driver was a a doctor – had to work part time as a taxi driver to pay for his family. He spent 6 years studying yet, had to work 2 jobs – one saving loves, the other ferrying tourists. yet the guy who didn’t go to college got paid the same. Give over troll. And you can eff right off with :-J

          1. Vluffy

            You are applying Cuba’s communist regime to make your point
            not their healthcare

            And I’m not all that against taxi drivers and doctors being a bit closer in earnings

            maybe that’s just me tho’

            There’s also the fact that (using your own example again) whole-time taxi drivers have to compete for fares with drivers that also have other jobs, professions and qualifications.

            Whereas the Doctor only has to compete with other Doctors

            Don’t know what the story is these days about College Entry, Places, and Fees etc in Cuba
            But you might be able to fill us in
            Since you’ve actually been to Cuba like

          2. A Person

            But that is entirely the point. The Cuban health care scheme is based on a communist theory, where all people are supposedly equal. In fact they are not, double jobbing doctors, are not equal to taxi drivers. The former have to train and work harder for the same pay. Are you seriously saying that doctors and nurses in Ireland should work their shifts and then drive a taxi?

  6. Johnny

    -who pays for Dennis’s inability to run a company,only the poorest people on the planet thats who, wheels up…

    “Managers at the highest salary tiers will get a 20 percent cut, while employees at lower salary tiers will be asked to take a five percent reduction. The chairman and all non-executive directors will waive their entire salaries for the first quarter of the fiscal year,” Digicel confirmed in a statement on Thursday night.


    PS-the chairman that be DOB is prohibited by his bondholders from getting a salary due to him crashing it into bankruptcy, but why bother with facts….when tall tales like those teenage years spent painting in London make for better press.

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