Poles Apart But Together


This morning.

Men’s health charity Movember and Dublin creative agency In the Company of Huskies have collaborated to light up Poolbeg Chimneys with a ‘message of solidarity’ as part of Movember’s ‘Conversation Piece’ campaign.

Timi Ogunyemi writes:

‘Together We Stand’ is the first in a series of light installations, projected onto Dublin landmarks over the coming weeks.

The installation comes as new research reveals that one in three (30%) men said they feel lonely more often compared with before COVID-19 with more than half (54%) of men saying they feel less connected to friends and colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The collaborative artworks from some of Ireland’s most notable cultural figures, artists and designers including Gavin Friday, Domino Whisker, Aches, Mundy and Tiny Ark aim to raise awareness around the importance of social connection and encourage meaningful conversation.

A new interactive online tool [at link below], Movember Conversations gives you practical guidance on how to support the men in your life who might be struggling.

Conversations (Movember)

Save Poolbeg

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5 thoughts on “Poles Apart But Together

  1. fluffybiscuits

    I stayed in my parents for two and a half months as I was away with them when quarantining came in and I had to come back up for work and I was paying rent. Often I had a very active social life which is now understandably gone or limited due to the pandemic. I keep in contact with friends by zoom or whats app. Met on yesterday for a walk in the park at a social distance. Engaging with the mental health supports that are out there, I support others as well in various ways including family. I make the best of it. I have to comply with lock down and I am doing it for others but that doesnt mean I have to like it.

    At the end of the day its all sh!te, I want company and I hate thew new normal but I just keep telling myself this is for others. I have friends at some really dark points in their life. I hate zoom calls or zoom parties. I want the old life back as soon as is reasonably practicable but obiously with the virus gone.

    1. V'ness

      I’m probably the most qualified around here to say this about our boy Fluff

      Social Distancing doesn’t suit him at all lads
      If the Virus doesn’t kill him
      this lockdown and continued restrictions will

      A BS.tv special as soon as we can do 4 in a room without the internet going into a spasm

      We have matching frocks n’all

      Seriously tho, messing aside
      If you are like Fluff,
      and me – to a point
      You like to be out and about
      You’re tactile, a shameless dancer who forgets the time
      and isn’t a bit afraid of who they are

      Then don’t DON’T let youself get used to this lockdown
      or let yourself develop a routine that supports it

      develop a routine that as Conor McGregor says (yeah I know but tis apt for this)
      keeping meself ready

      Keep yourself ready for when the doors reopen
      whether it’s personally or professionally
      Don’t let it stop you from getting back out there and trying to get back the time you lost living
      and the opportunities you might have had to forgo

      Keep yerselves Ready everyone

  2. bisted

    …can I add my voice and that’ll make four…what the four of us have in common is that we hate this but we’ve all tried to do the right thing…history might show we should have or could have acted differently but we share a solidarity in the face of the evidence we have…

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