Win Nick’s Voucher


What’s your favourite song under 3 minutes long?

That’s this week’s question to be in with a chance to win a highly coveted €25 Golden Discs voucher.

Here’s mine.

Please include video links if possible.

Lines MUST close at 4.45pm EXTENDED until 6am/strong>.

The winner will be chosen by my face mask.

Nick says: Good luck!

Last week’s guitar hero here.

Golden Discs

114 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher

    1. ouch

      Would put Teenage Kicks for my choice….coming in at under two and a half minutes….punks was great for cutting a lot of the fat out…lean and mean

  1. Specific Gravity

    I’ve always loved this mini-masterpiece from the Golinski Brothers – Bloody.

    Just the mood-lifter needed heading into another long weekend (honestly!)
    Still, you gotta ‘ave a laugh / ha ha ha ha…

  2. Gary

    The Slits – So Tough
    Always reminds me of seeing them in Crawdaddy a few years before Ari Up died. At a certain point, she declared she was tired of singing so she got the drummer to hop out and she popped in. As she started playing a beat, she shouted instructions to the rest of the band to join in and then to the audience she roared ‘just make bird noises or something’.

  3. Gay Fawkes

    Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran, which is under two minutes! Appropriate enough for the summer that’s in it.

  4. Clampers Outside

    Gang Green’s ‘Alcohol’ (1986) comes in at 2m 10 seconds and is a proper full on punk classic! 

    I first heard this as an 80’s teen, and fell in love with it. It wasn’t until about 30 years later that I had the pleasure of seeing Gang Green play ‘Alcohol’ live in what was then Huey Morgan’s Voodoo Lounge. 

    A tiny stage, and a small crowd, on one Paddy’s night (musta been pre-2013 at least) were well up for stage diving, and catching… although not everyone was caught LOL! Many a man exited that venue with either a sore arse, elbow or knee and a big cheese grin, including myself… 

    Some mental craic had! And considering the chorus, no wonder I never pulled :)

    Still gets an airing with the volume up every now and then… Great track to to lift you out of a slumber!

    1. f_lawless

      Good choice! I saw them in 1990 in McGonagles. Great memories too. Didn’t know they played in Dublin again

      1. Clampers Outside

        I couldn’t believe my luck that Paddy’s day, as we only overheard mention of the gig in another bar and went for it :)

  5. Howya12

    Tales of Brave Ulysses by Cream.
    Comes in at 2 minutes 50 seconds of punchy rock brilliance.
    Ginger Bakers drums are top class.

  6. Specific Gravity

    There’s not many who can wring so much out of barely 90 seconds, but Tom Waits can:
    Johnsburg, Illinois

    She’s my only true love / she’s all that I think of
    Look here in my wallet / that’s her
    She grew up on a farm there / there’s a place on my arm
    Where I’ve written her name next to mine
    You see I just can’t live without her
    And I’m her only boy
    She grew up outside McHenry / in Johnsburg, Illinois

      1. Muchacho Gordo-Delgado

        Well she would say that, wouldn’t she?
        ‘Cos she’s a slag and he’s a creep.

      2. :-Joe

        You win because me and herself are looking in a mirror…

        Laughing…..but also wondering….

        Nick?.. break out the champagne….


    1. :-Joe

      100% Reveletaion…

      Britpop before britpop… a la Jonathan Richman…

      Don’t… Don’t… Don’t believe the HYPE !


  7. Joe cool

    There can be only one. The absolute masterpiece from the genius that is Brian wilson….God only knows. 2.47 of Utter perfection

    1. scottser

      If this doesn’t win it proves there is nothing but gobshitery left in the world.

  8. Slightly Bemused

    I can see I will have another enjoyable weekend of music. Thankfully it is a long one, so I probably have time to get through them all, and I see a few already that are worthy of repeat plays.

  9. Rosette of Sirius

    ‘I Will’ by The Beatles from the album The Beatles aka the White Album.

    Coming in at a whopping 1:46, this gorgeous little love song is sweet and gentle and warm like light summer breeze.

    Was the song Madame Sirius and I chose as our first dance at our wedding all those years ago.

    Sometimes the simple things in life are just the best.

  10. scottser

    My choice: Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, I Second That Emotion.
    What a voice
    What a band
    What a.tune

  11. Phil

    It has to me “I like short songs” by the Dead Kennedys from the classic album “Give me convenience or give me death”.

    Short and to the point with fast, banging drums, brilliant guitars, and Jello roaring into the mike.. deadly and just 0.32 minutes long

  12. Ned Ryarson

    Great balls of fire – the killer (Jerry Lee Lewis)
    2 mins.

    You broke my Will, but what a thrill..

  13. Otis Blue

    “You know the girl you said I’d meet someday?
    Well I got something to confess,
    She picked me up on Friday,
    Asked me if she reminded me of you?
    I just laughed and lit a cigarette,
    Said That’s impossible to do…”

    Ryan Adams – Dear Chicago

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          Nice one, found it there (that link took me to Fire and Rain)

          Thanks :)

  14. Muchacho Gordo-Delgado

    The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?)
    2m 34s of the late Pete Shelley explaining how the heart often controls the head, lamenting unavoidable mistakes and resonating with every teenager ever. All to one of the best, blistering, punk guitar riffs ever.

  15. :-Joe

    Great idea Nick(Hat tip to you).. brevity maybe concision in most media but in art it’s sign of concentrated deliciosness…

    I’ve had a few beeeeeers so for what it’s worth…..

    ….for about ten to twenty years there’s been a weird conspiracy to delete this from the public consciousness… as if the combination of the music and video is too real?

    It’s been very hard to find every time I go searching… Usually two or three times a year,,, On the beer etc…
    – I usually fail nine times out of ten…..

    For some strange reason it’s available again… but not on youtube… even though youtube i.e gurgle / otherwise known as in – q – tel or the CIA military industrial complex of america…. owns dailymotion

    Anyway folks, here it is..


    -Something tells me the system wants to delete history and reality……….


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