Protesters gathered in Dublin city centre yesterday to protest against the death of George Floyd in the United States before marching to the US Embassy in Ballsbridge

When Those Who Know What’s Necessary Get Here

“We’ve tried black faces in high places…the Black Lives Matter
movement emerged under a black president, a black attorney general,
and a black Homeland Security [Secretary]” Cornel West.

Fifty percent of meth stuffed
in the trunks of cars driven by people of colour,
who’ll plead guilty if they know what’s good for them,
will be planted by women of colour
promoted to Police Superintendant
or District Attorney.

Fifty per cent of CO2 emissions
will be emitted by women of colour
who dare dream of a world in which
fifty percent of children of colour
shot in the guts for throwing stones
at tanks will be shot on the orders
of women of colour of whom
you’re just jealous.

Fifty percent of weed-killer
dropped on women of colour with a disability
will be dropped by women of colour with a disability
told to do so by women of colour with a disability
who know what’s necessary.

Fifty percent of insecticide
used to abolish bees
will be manufactured by companies
in which women of colour have shares.

Fifty percent of police truncheons
put up prisoners of colour
will be put up there under the blind eyes
of women of colour who know what’s necessary
if you want that promotion.

Fifty per cent of jaws
punched in custody
will be punched by those answerable
to women of colour
who dabbled in Malcolm X at college
and are the change they want to see in America
and wherever America decides to go next.

Fifty per cent of evictions
of women of colour (and their children)
will be deemed legal by courts presided over
by men and women of colour in robes
for the benefit of the men and women of colour
who own fifty percent of the building
and the City Council.

Fifty per cent of missiles
seeking women of colour
who haven’t yet had the common sense
to move to Connecticut
will be fired by women of colour
and made by companies whose boardrooms
are at least fifty percent people of colour
(with or without disabilities)
who know what’s necessary
and are prepared to be it.

Kevin Higgins

Yesterday: Meanwhile, In Dublin


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9 thoughts on “I Have A Dream

  1. broadbag

    What are you smoking? Smoke less, or a lot more, I’m not sure which but please stop ‘writing’ and posting this absolute drivel!

    1. V'ness

      The language of an Artist Janet (⊙o⊙)

      This is why we need to support and invest €€€€€€€€€€€€.€€s in Irish Artists and the entire spectrum of Arts

      Because you’re too thick to appreciate them
      Me too btw
      But I know better than to criticise the Man’sheeters who identify as Artists

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        but I got a degree that qualifies me to pass judgement from Art College ;) and I say it’s incomprehensible boll*x

        1. scottser

          fifty percent of boopy-boopkins written
          by women of colour, denounced
          as boopy-boopkins by women of colour, for the
          edification of internet users, 50 % of whom
          are women

          *hangs head
          drops mic*

          1. Cian

            There must be something fishy going on. I was going to +1 this… then realised it was scottser!! G.

            What’s going on today?

            +1 scottser!

  2. Gabby

    We need literary critics here. Is this post-colonial verse; neo-modernism; postmodernism; new political verse; anti-poetry; e.e. cummings reincarnation verse; conceptualist verse or whatever? Would Joe Duffy read it out and ask listeners to respond? I need to know – talk to Joe.

  3. Gringo

    Jeez Kevin, get with the narrative. Keep it simple. Good versus bad too boring for you?

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