Dim Provocateurs



Ayo writes:

[Messages using African names – see below] made to appear that black people are trying to organise a riot and it’s clearly made up by racist groups…



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16 thoughts on “Dim Provocateurs

      1. NobleLocks

        Ahh that’s just me sick to death of the BLM bullploppy that is the latest fashion wearable only by the permanently offended.

        My take away from this is simple: Those who use group identity politics of race and colour are doomed to be racist themselves.

        I can’t tell if this is real or not but I have my doubts. The Radical Left are the New Right, I wouldn’t be hugely surprised to find out there are elements of truth to it. We’ll see I guess

        1. millie von strumpet

          I think it’s very sad that at a time when there is a meaningful discussion about racism taking place you consistently seem to be downplaying it, dismissing it as something the ‘Radical Left’ (who exactly are they in your opinion?) use as a stick to beat ordinary souls over the head with. Like it or not there is a huge, systemic problem with racism in the US. It is an old problem that has never been fully dealt with, and the current protests and riots are a result of years of sweeping it under the rug.

          Here in Ireland, there is also a problem with racism. It’s neither to the scale of the depth of the problem in the US, but that’s not to say there isn’t one to be discussed and thought about at all. Direct Provision is a common example. Another would be how over the past 10-20 years, we have had an increasing migrant community, all of whom have experience of being treated as ‘other’, i.e. Not Irish. I’m sure we all remember hearing about ‘them Polish coming over and taking our jobs’ etc, just for one hackneyed example. There are plenty more. I’m sure I don’t need to list them.

          There is nothing harmful in listening to the experiences of those different to us, of using that to inform how we go forward, and how we treat each other. It was only when we started listening to the experiences of those people marginalised in our own society, that we began to change our views and laws to reflect a more equal society, and now we have marriage equality. That’s not to say there isn’t more work to do, because learning about these things is a work in progress – as with everything.

          But if we brush the experience of those in our society under the rug, dismiss them and ignore them, then we sow the seeds for the kind of division that is being seen in the US right now even though we don’t have the kind of checkered history they do.

          There will always be those who jump on the bandwagon or take it too far, but surely this time should be taken as an opportunity to truly listen to the experiences of people who have experienced racism and intolerance in our country and see what kind of meaningful changes we can make to continue to improve, not for dismissing their words and ignoring what they have to say.

          1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            nice comment strumpy
            I’d like to add that I have yet to meet these ” pernametly offended ” people you seem to, maybe the problem is being pernametly offensive ? :)

  1. Lurch

    It’s fake right.
    This is so vile.
    Makes me sick to my stomach to think there are people who would go to such lengths to sow racial divide; such pathethic cowards.

  2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

    you know the only people I was ever called a white slut by, other white people, one particular woman on a train to Cork while watching an innocent eight year old do their homework,
    that’s something white people call you to show disgust at your mix raced relationship,
    I have never been called a slut by a black man or his family, the worst I was told was that my rice needed some work

  3. V

    I don’t think we will ever eliminate racism
    You will always have people who just want to Hate,
    Or seek out the conspiracy in everything, the glass is always half empty
    And there will always be the personality type that will seek to transfer blame, and or responsibility for their own situation, or lot in life I suppose
    In the way a Misogynist might blame his boss for his missing his OTEs because she is a She

    But we should get better at calling Racism out and ensuring that Hate Crime Legislation is used for something (the same way we use Equality Legislation)
    and if that’s not working, fix it
    All we can do, here in Ireland, is to ensure all that happens

    Picketing the US embassy is letting our own crowd off
    So maybe when the election swings around again, which mightn’t be too far off anyway
    Make Direct Provision an issue
    Up there with Housing and Hospital Trollies
    Screening and Childcare

    Its no harm to remind the eFFers that they were the ones that introduced Direct Provision in the first place
    As a temporary measure btw – John O’Donoghue – no surpise

    I have always lived the Cooperative Way – all walks of life are equal members
    Whether we like each other or not, so I always know where I am on any social, political or personal issue
    It also helps that I keep myself 100% independent and free from Conflict

    But if you are struggling – like I am, to be patient and keep the temper, with the above and other dark ops that have come to light recently,
    Or even trying to swallow back the hypocrisy and cowardice of them accusing others of being trolls and plants, psychopaths and whatever-sock puppet sycophantic tag they’ve copied from MAGA WWGOetc herds.

    And like me, take extreme issue with the exploitation of Minors to platform a personal vendetta held about people that don’t look like you;
    here is something – an extract from the final Frilly Keane – hosted somewhere else:

    Any political party in a Democracy, or any candidate in a democratically held election that informs the electorate that any one of us is less than them or is entitled to more rights than another is corrupt.

    Spin that whatever way ye want folks, but deliberately and wilfully presenting false information for a reward, such as another citizen’s vote, is corruption. Dog eat Dog.

    The list of signatories to the Proclamation, are well marked into songs, schools, streets, clubs and whatever-yer-having-yerself as being Patriots. The same goes for the men and women that died in our name. Yet back in 1916 not one of them ever envisaged the Ireland we have today.

    Who among them would have expected an openly gay Taoiseach, or that women’s right to choose would be more that just a fact, it would be a State Care Service?

    But I must believe, and this is why I kept this ‘piece till last, I have to believe;

    that if they had that crystal ball – that every single one of those seven signatories in 1916 would still sign the Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

    Irish Patriots then and those along the way since didn’t die for a particular Irish DNA or Irish pigment;

    They are our Patriots because this was what had to be done to ensure equality for future generations.

    Anyone putting on a Green Jersey today to represent Ireland in any endeavor, Boxing, Rugby, Athletics, Ice-Skating, Shinty, Hockey, whatever yere having yerselves – represent all of us and they don’t think twice about it.

    A thriving and healthy Democracy cannot ban or hinder free speech; but an open thriving and healthy Democracy has the capacity to bring out the best in all of us; our common decency for a society that is equal and one that opens opportunities for everyone. Not just those we like the look of.

    This is why Diversity must be treated as one of our biggest assets as a Democratic Republic. Because it makes sure no one is allowed be treated less than the other, it may not seem like that, but that is our job as Citizens to put right, and hold people to account. This phony war I mentioned earlier, ask yourselves, who has the most to gain from it?

    The homeless families sitting in a hotel room out along the M50 watching the Paddys’ day Parade on the Telly and cursing at the Politicians posing from the stands?

    Or those same Politicians who are actually engaged to ensure there is safe and secure housing for anyone that seeks it?

    We need to call out this phony war for what it is. A distraction. An Excuse. A Gig. We need to wade through this phony war and get a grip of this Country, and our elected Politicans and make them and it work, for all of us.

    So do not give in lightly to the winds of Nationalism or the scam artists grooming your fears; put up a fight, stand tall and stop at nothing to protect the Patriotism of Equality so that it survives and outlives all of us.

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