Sculptor Mark Richards at work; The Roger casement staue; The plinth at the end of the swim jetty at Dun Laoghaire Baths

Sandycove, County Dublin-born revolutionary martyr and soul-baring diarist Roger Casement.

Safe from toppling?

Only YOU can decide.

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Roger Casement?

Mark Richards Instagram

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12 thoughts on “Roger That

  1. missred

    That black and white pic of Roger Casement – phwoargh, he was some dish of a fella…

    1. SOQ

      The relationship would never have worked missred- you would have had too much in common.

      You like goodlooking men- and so did he.

    2. Steph Pinker

      In fairness, Michael Collins was absolutely gorgeous as well (without the massive moustache-chin-beard) and he had principles!


  2. Formerly known as

    It would be good to see a statue of him at every port/airport on the island.

  3. Brian

    I am a big fan of Roger Casement – he did astonishing and dangerous work exposing the brutalities of the Amazon rubber plantations. The Amazon Journal of Roger Casement (Lilliput Press) is well worth a read. I happened to be in Iquitos once and tried to imagine him walking around the streets. However if the Black Diaries are real then a statue would not be appropriate – underage s*x is not a good look in a country with a history of poor treatment of children. I’d prefer an artwork – like the Antony Gormley’s Wire Man sculpture being reconsidered for Dublin – it would look great with the sea and the horizon behind it.

    Personally, I would like to see fewer statues of men or women long since dead being erected. Do the statues of John Gray or William Smith O’Brien really have relevance to the majority of people walking on O’Connell St in Dublin? Put them in a museum – even an outdoor sculpture park, like in Budapest, for statues that have past their use by date. Perhaps certain plinths could have a new statue or artwork put in place every 5 or 10 years.

  4. White Dove

    Just leaving this here:

    ‘By this account the diarist did little on this journey except fantasise and seek out willing sexual partners or seduce underage boys at every opportunity.”

    Underage native boys, I might add.

    Why is the generation scarred by male on male pedophilia and only now starting to talk about it even contemplating erecting a statue to Roger Casement?

    Wokers praising this idea should do some research next time they quote history.

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