You’ll Think It Strange


A unique view of the normally familiar Orion constellation captured early last year from mountains in San Juan, Argentina where a zoomed long exposure has been used to enhance distant nebulae normally invisible to the unaided human eye. To wit:

…once you become oriented, you can see Orion’s three belt stars lined up vertically near the image center, and even locate the familiar Orion Nebula on the upper left. Famous faint features that are also visible include the dark Horsehead Nebula indentation near the image center, and the dusty Flame Nebula just to its right. Part of the Orion-encircling Barnard’s Loop can also be found on the far right. The image combines multiple sky-tracking shots of the background in different colours with a single static foreground exposure taken at twilight — all captured with the same camera and from the same location.

(Image: Nicolas Tabbush)


4 thoughts on “You’ll Think It Strange

  1. JamesJoist

    When it more defined , no longer smokey vague , the Horsehead Nebula no longer looks like a horse’s head . Another illusion shattered .

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