8 thoughts on “The Free Mantle

  1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    You forgot to mention the bit where the mobs food was taken by the homeless people, Antifa are now asking for food donations. Idiots

    1. Johnny

      You really truly are low intelligence thats a nice way of saying stupid-what a dumb post-duh !

      -the bit yeah that bit…..the mobs the mobs…any MURDERING SHOOTINGS KNEECAPPINGS YOUNG FELLAS IN WHEELCHAIRS…

          1. Johnny

            So SF is for murdering Nazis-dumb and….

            Don’t forget the bit,that bit yeah you know the bit…

            It’s like wresting with a pig,you get coveted in mud and the pig likes it.

            Make a point or at least say something interesting or at least try – is this all you got – like this is it – graffiti on a wall makes more sense.

          2. Johnny

            Sorry Daisy that was for Murdering Mary:)

            bit of a ahem time delay with my posts…on the naughty list again !

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