Win Nick’s Voucher


Here’s one for you: what’s your favourite song with a one-word title?

We’re giving away an enticing €25 Golden Discs voucher to a reader with a winning tune below.

Here’s mine.

The winner will be chosen by my imaginary pet Labrador.

Lines MUST close at MIDNIGHT!

Please include video links if possible.

Nick says: Good luck.

Last week’s winner here.

Golden Discs

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162 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher

    1. Ben Madigan

      Yes! Great track from Bandwagonesque one of my top albums (with a cracking single word title!)

      1. Ben Madigan

        This Teenage Fanclub track has one of the best single word titles and is lyrically one of the most apt for some of the comments section of this site :)


        I’ve got a pocketful of words in my brain
        I pull something out when I think I should
        I feel like I’m going insane
        I’m not I just said it cos I thought I would
        I always feel the need to profane
        I’ve always said f##k when I thought I could
        To me this seems so inane

        I don’t need an attitude
        Rebellion is a platitude
        I only hope the verse is good
        I hate verisimilitude

          1. Otis Blue

            I can say that it was neither Willie O’Dea nor Michael Healy Rae. And Leo’s a Kylie fan, so…

        1. Ben Madigan

          No hadn’t seen that will check it out thanks!

          Well I’m glad you ruled out Leo there… only possibility that springs to mind is Malcolm Noonan??

          1. Ben Madigan

            Knew he played in a band but didn’t know what sort of music… impressed with that choice of cover!

  1. eamonn

    As good things come in bunches of three.Or so I have been informed.
    The Master himself, late great – Andrew Weatherall – in his ~~Sabres of Paradise guise – Wilmot
    Have a splendid weekend, one and all

  2. SOQ

    Hermitage Green- Zombie- from their tribute to The Cranberries in Limerick two years ago.

    Also SÍOMHA, Nile St. James, Shane ‘Dyrt’ Davis, Mike Hogan and Niamh Hinchy.

    IMO one of the best cover performances I have ever heard or seen- super stuff- enjoy.

      1. f_lawless

        Sorry to interject. but, .Albert Hammond wrote and released the original,… and inadvertently became owner to a third of the publishing rights to Radiohead’s Creep after the band admitted to using the chord structure and part-melody during a radio interview ;)

    1. Gorugeen

      I remember Dave Fanning used to host a best song, album etc of the year and creep was the runaway winner for a number of years. Amazing tune.

  3. f_lawless

    Delaney & Bonnie – “Groupie”
    (later covered by The Carpenters)

    The only pity about the track is the tentative guitar playing by Eric Clapton who seemed to be going through an artistic existential crisis at that period and was looking to break away from his “guitar-god” stature. If only he had let loose on a guitar solo!

  4. eamonn

    Edwin Star – War
    I saw the comment last week from Chú Cullain regarding the old folks home, it got me thinking,When I finished lamenting my lack of youth. i am going to stipulate some turntables and a kick ass sound system before I get parked up.. It will be one funky old folks crib!

    1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

      can’t believe I had forgotten this track, love it

  5. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

    I love these posts, so many great reminders, the odd new discovery, a happy rabbit hole on whatever night of the week it is ;)

    1. scottser

      In a lot of ways I consider this a Friday night down the pub after work talking music with mates.

      1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

        they are the happiest posts on here too, nice balance

      2. Andy Pipkin

        Couldn’t agree more!!!

        Some cracking tunes from everyone, nice too hear some new music and artists!

        Thanks Everyone!!

  6. scottser
    There are songs that reflect hope. Songs that reflect pain. Songs that try to encompass the human condition; why we are here, what am i for, what should I do?
    We fall in love.
    We must – its inevitable.
    What song encapsulates that hope of being loved back? a song like no other, sung by a voice that would melt the coldest heart?
    Cupid, by Sam Cooke, that’s what..

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