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  1. Charger Salmons

    Imagine being a cop and you’ve spent the past couple of weeks hearing people chant “fupp the police” every day & then a few hours later you’re restraining a murderer head on and taking a knee to perform CPR on victims of a terror attack.
    And watch that lazy hack who has spent years demanding open doors for asylum seekers and amaze yourself at the speed of their 36O degree pivot to demand Boris answer why an asylum seeker jailed for violent offences is even allowed to stay in the country and kill three people.
    And laugh at that BS poster applauding the decision to ban Katie Hopkins from Twitter because she’s a racist for questioning why asylum seekers are allowed to flood into Europe without any checks on their criminal records.
    And think to yourself how fast life comes at you these days.

    1. Praetorian.

      Yeah…a bit like the Brits that where allowed pour into this country without any security checks….open borders ehh…who’d have them… :(

    2. scottser

      Katie Hopkins is a racist. If you start spouting racism on a forum like twitter you’ll get banned; its in their rules. Ironic though that her account was terminated under pressure from among others, Rachel Riley, who spent a lot of time and effort beating Corbyn with the anti-semite stick. A stick that you were happy enough to wield, when it suited you of course.
      Hypocrisy quotient at a solid 9.

          1. Charger Salmons

            ICI 9/10
            The usual suspects coming thick and fast this morning.
            You can set your watch by them.

      1. Cian

        @Rosette of Sirius
        Can you explain the concept of free speech please?
        How does it applies to twitter? Broadsheet? MSM?
        And what limits (if any) should be applied to free speech?

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          You are broadly free express your opinion without fear of recrimination from the State. Once of course you remain within the confines of the law. You are not however free from consequence from those listening to you.

          Twitter as is BS are privately owned and as such they are free to moderate their their platform in whatever way they see fit. Nobody has a right to demand to say whatever the hell they want on these platforms with no consequense and if they have a problem with that, they can stay away.

          That’s what I mean when I say people do not understand free speech.

          1. Bodger

            Rosette, unlike us, twitter are protected from defamation because they are regarded as a public utility. Once they start editing that status changes. Imagine Eircom decided to censor your calls?

          2. Rosette of Sirius

            I think your analogy is flawed. Imagine if Eircom allowed you to download what ever whatever our demented little hearts desired. Whenever we wanted and as much as we wanted. No. Eircom has its own terms of service and as such shapes our usage. You break those terms and your out.

            Twitter has its terms and for those who break them, well, as I said before there are consequences.

          3. Bodger

            One they interfere with content they are a publisher not a utility and therefore can be sued for that content. Is that clear?

          4. Brother Barnabas

            interfering with content in what sense? is ‘content’ in context of Twitter the users’ tweets etc?

          5. Rosette of Sirius

            So what your saying is that Twitter should be a free for all regardless of content?

          6. Cian

            Thanks for that. I would have a very similar view of free speech (although I probably wouldn’t have expressed it as eloquently).

            The reason I asked is that for some people “free speech” means “everyone must listen to me! I can say anything I want! I must not be censored!” – which is bonkers.

          7. Bodger

            Online platforms are not legally responsible for what users post (Section 230, US Communications Decency Act, 1996).

          8. millie von strumpet

            I’m curious as to how that would apply to Irish users in terms of EU laws etc.? Are US laws enforceable here? Do they override any existing EU law because twitter is a US company?

          9. Johnny

            -jeez I doing know I guess same place they consider the postal service a utility-perhaps thats more relatable as you appear be struggling here…

          10. Vanessanelle

            By Utility
            I recognise it as a public resource available to all
            like Speakers Corner, Main Street, The Town Square

            Like should Dublin City Council be sued for what a lad says from a soapbox with an amp on Grafton Street?

            But by scripting that same lad’s content, then they are responsible
            So when Jack Twitter edited The Donald’s tweet,
            He made his company a publisher
            not a public street

            Well that’s what I understand
            Could be right
            Could be wrong

            But what I know for sure, Jack Twitter dramatically, and in front of hundreds of millions of his own company’s account holders/ users btw,
            Changed their operations from hosting, enabling and managing an open accessible available resource that is used for free by the vast majority of its users to exchange information amongst themselves, the users.

            To editing and to providing information
            from their own hands @twitter

          11. Rosette of Sirius

            But V, they didn’t edit it. The put it behind a disclaimer. All anyone has to do to see it was click ‘view’

            It wasnt deleted, amended or, as you say edited.

          12. Vanessanelle

            Fair enough
            The tweet I saw clearly had an additional entry that did not originate from the user @

            And I interpreted that
            Rightly or wrongly
            To have changed the face of the tweet the account user actually posted

    1. bisted

      …many of the Irish footballers already know the kids in need…every aspect of their lives…from giving up their time to train underage kids, to teaching them, to providing to their medical needs…they are armature as well, of course…

        1. Charger Salmons

          In much the same way as women’s football will never be taken as seriously as the real thing.
          Poor showing from the laydees this morning.

          1. scottser

            that’s not even sexist, that’s just dumb. women’s football is played to a really high standard and doesn’t usually display the histrionics embedded in the male game. besides weren’t you crowing about england’s perfomance during the women’s world cup?
            HQ at a solid 8, although this comment would qualify for moronic.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Of course it’s played to a high standard.
            For women.
            But overall women’s football wouldn’t even reach League of Ireland standard and that’s a low bar that would challenge even the most lithe limbo dancer.
            Up your game lad.

          3. Nigel

            He’s having an antediluvian gammon go at women’s football now – is Boris making a particularly awful mess of things at the moment? We all know this is how he decompensates.

          4. scottser

            you can’t expect it to be like the man’s game, you have to take it on its own merits.
            free your mind up a bit. you know, like the way you berate others for being so closed-minded..?

          5. Charger Salmons

            Whaddya reckon on qualifying for the Euros lads ?
            And if Ireland do will they equal their 2012 record as the joint worst finalists in the history of the European championships ?
            Olé Olé Olé Olé Olé Olé …

          6. scottser

            well charger, me ould segosia, we’ll do a lot better than your beloved spurs who are playing a lovely form of mourinhoball. you know, score early, sit back and wait for the inevitable equaliser.

    2. Johnny

      …Which side do they cheer for? It’s an interesting test. Are you still harking back to where you came from or where you are?….Norman Tebbit.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Smartphones eh?
    Just went into Google settings ( SETTINGS – GOOGLE SETTINGS) on my android phone, and what do I find has been left in there without my permission? COVID-19 exposure notifications. OK it’s accompanied by waffleitis, but it’s something that wasn’t asked for.
    Seem on IOS I believe.

    1. ReproBertie

      When was the last time that Google asked your permission to make changes to their software? The Covid stuff can be disabled so you can deny them your permission right there.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Indeed O’Bertie Begorrah.
        It’s a service being offered.And a valuable one under the circumstances.
        If you don’t want it just don’t download a participating Covid-19 app.

          1. Nigel

            *laughing about corruption and incompetence that will probably cost lives to pwn the Irish*

          2. Charger Salmons

            Any thoughts on the incompetence in the Irish handling of Covid-19 ?
            Or at you just intent on a big ICI score ?

          3. Nigel

            Many. But I don’t feel the need to cover up the Irish government’s failings with bluster, xenophobia, bootlicking and shirtposting, the way you do with the UK’s. Now THAT’S what I call insecurity.

            **performative laughter!**

        1. ReproBertie

          They don’t ask permission to update their software Giggidy. That’s probably covered under the terms and conditions that nobody reads. The update is to allow government Covid 19 apps pick up the handshake data from other bluteooth devices, mainly other people’s phones. Without the app, and with the setting disabled, it won’t be doing anything. In the same way if I disable location services my phone can’t track my movements. Apple don’t ask my permission to include location services on my phone or to update the data the location services collect but I’m free to disable them. Of course they bribe me into using them by including a route planner and a “where’s my iPhone” facility which need the location services but that’s not making them mandatory.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            “In the same way if I disable location services my phone can’t track my movement”

            Not so. Phone data (even old fashioned Nokia 3110’s ) can give a history of locations you have been. It has been used successfully as evidence in murder cases.

          2. ReproBertie

            That information is based on the handshakes with towers and requires people using the information to triangulate to determine possible locations. It’s not the same level of information at all.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Exactly. Your phone enables the tracking. So you can disable everything you want – the phone is still being tracked. The information may be slightly different but it’s still tracking.

          4. Rosette of Sirius

            It’s not tracking in the traditional sense. As in GPS. It triangulates your IMEI – the unique is your phone and/or SIM used to register to the network. It’s can’t pinpoint your location. It can only offer an approximation of the vicinity you were in – accurate to about a 1km radius.

          5. Cian

            “In the same way if I disable location services my phone can’t track my movement”

            Not so. Phone data (even old fashioned Nokia 3110’s ) can give a history of locations you have been. It has been used successfully as evidence in murder cases.

            Technically [if you disable location services] the *phone* isn’t tracking movement – the phone *network* is.
            Your Nokia 3110 doesn’t know where it is, but Vodaphone knows which masts the Nokia 3110 is near.

          6. Cian

            The phone network isn’t tracking your phone for some nefarious reason – it is doing it to provide a service. When someone phones your number the network has to know which mast to route the call through to you!

            Now the long-term storage of that data is another matter ;)

          7. GiggidyGoo

            I’m saying that your phone location is being tracked – that’s all. Have fun acting out your story yourself Cian.

          1. millie von strumpet

            Calm down there Giggs, yeah? I’m not attacking you. Jog on up to Charger et al if you want a fight.

  3. Johnny

    Its a big week for Dennis….I will try write a summary as it evolves-so what is going on?
    Its pretty simple Digicel can not pay its debts so its burning it bondholders via a prearranged debt swap.

    Digicel funded its growth and dividends (pmts to DOB) via the US Bond Markets-it now has get US court approval for burning the bondholders,to avoid a situation where the US bondholders litigate.

    Most likely this will happen,it helps but does not really change the dynamics which is Digicel need cash and lots of it-this is just a ‘paper’ exchange,in essence the lower ranked debt (bonds) are getting forcibly exchanged for notes of less value with more security.

    So Digicel swapping some paper that lets say has a nominal value of 100 for new paper that has a nominal value of 80-the ‘new’ debt service is less (reduced principle) and the amount owed overall by Digicel is reduced, in theory improving its debt ratios/metrics-allowing it room to borrow/operate and lowering its debt service freeing up cash for investments.The capital required far exceeds any savings so the plan itself is fatally flawed.

    Digi’s tech and business plan is outdated, slow and too expensive its not just the debt burden, the entire operation is tethering on the edge of extinction.Its much hyped PNG ops are a illusion,a mirage,another card trick by DOB to confuse people into thinking Digicel has value-it doesn’t.

    Digicel operates in 31 markets, the revenue from PNG and just three other countries (Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Jamaica) makes up more than half of the group’s income-so I will focus on them.

    Most the ‘excitement’ has been around PNG-Pacific with the Caribbean operations considered something of a basket case,at opne point the end game for DOB was break out Pacific ops and run these, the rumors persist that any number of China Telco’s are looking at the PNG division.

    So lets take a deep dive into Digicel and PNG…most will be somewhat ‘technical’ but I will try use terms familiar,again I am not a bond trader just a concerned farmer, it does bother me that he rips off all these poor people.The business such that it is involves hovering up nickels and dimes from the poorest people on the planet to pay off the wealthiest and most destructive capital on the planet.

    As Dennis credit rating slipped most reputable bond shops can no longer hold the bonds as they slip down the ratings scale, covenant restrictions,so his bond holders are basically a shower of bottom feeding,vulture funds.

    If anyone has any questions please ask….ok ok only serious ones-rest posts are going be more technical it’s just the way it is.

    1. Johnny

      -look I get it that most people could care less about PNG/Digicel/DOB but I do as I think Irelands international reputation is being damaged by the piracy of Digicel in the poorest countries on the planet.The business model is ripping off illiterate,poor people to enrich vulture capitalists and reward the west for exploiting the developing countries,its colonialism with a ring tone.

      “The building of a positive corporate image for Digicel PNG began with its welcome entry into the local mobile market in 2007 and since then has been bolstered by heavy marketing of its brand with sponsorship of sports and support of community services via the Digicel Foundation.
      However, in recent years the carrier has taken a battering on social media from a growing number of unhappy consumers.
      Many are dissatisfied with Digicel customer service, saying they can’t get through to helplines, that e-mails are not replied, and helpers are not helpful.
      Customers interpret such unresponsiveness as arrogance and feel that the company is only after their money and does not care about service.
      A large portion of enquiries and complaints to Digicel customer service are related to credit units “missing”, “stolen” or otherwise deducted without explanation from prepaid phone balances.”


        1. Johnny

          Will work on a pice on PNG-try limit my typos and swear words!
          Thanks for publishing that letter, took some courage and is a true public service,well done Bodger.

    2. Vanessanelle

      Question Johnny
      When you say Digicel can not pay its debts so its burning it bondholders
      is that just their financing and cost of financing debts

      Utilities etc
      Rent Rates
      Along with all the other trade creditors, are being prioritised with what cash they have

      Or is the entire Creditor Register, plus Staff Costs plus taxes having to fight for their share of the pot with the financiers

      1. Johnny

        -a combination of factors V-debt is in US dollars, rev is in local currency’s which have deprecated.
        -rev down-with voice calls falling,whatsap etc.

        At end day too much cash was stripped out (over 1 Billion) by Dennis which resulted in a loss of confidence,if the founder is grabbing everything that is not nailed down…it was viewed similar to say a founder selling all their equity,the bondholders also rushed the exits, resulting in a downward spiral.

        But yes very significant operational challenges too.

        “In its reporting on the speculated takeover of Digicel’s Pacific operations, the Australian Financial Review quoted a source saying that mobile revenues in PNG had fallen by 30–50% as a result of coronavirus shutdowns. The company said late last week that the impact of Covid-19 across its operations had been “positive and negative” but that it expects group revenue to be hit by up to 10%.

        Once it beds down its debt restructure, Digicel’s most significant challenge may be more straightforward: income.”


        no more sneak peaks-wait for the piece:)

  4. Charger Salmons

    Hey, remember that whole Black Lives Matter malarkey where people protested about the senseless waste of black lives on the streets of America ?
    Well just this last weekend in Chicago alone 104 people were shot and 14 people, all of them black, were killed.
    I’m presuming all the fatalities were black.They usually are most weekends in Chicago.The perps are usually always black too.
    14 killed.In just one city.In just one weekend.
    Remember kids, black lives really do matter ….
    And Happy Father’s Day y’all.

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