It Really Tied The Place Together


Every second August, volunteers gather at Grand Place in Brussels to create a 1,750 square metre rug composed of a million begonias – the country’s biggest floral export. The installation lasts about four days (up to the point where the flowers have wilted).

With the 2020 installation cancelled on account of the Grand Lurgy, this time-lapsed tilt-shifted short from 2018 by filmmaker Joerg Daiber of Spoon Film shows how it would have been.


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3 thoughts on “It Really Tied The Place Together

  1. Otis Blue

    The elegant building, centre right with red awnings, is Le Roy d’Espagne, a bar and restaurant. When drinking there last year the mice outnumbered customers and staff by a factor of five. There was at least 50 of them whizzing happily around the place, to the indifference of the staff.

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