A Wedgie Issue



Dublin 9.

Dr Laura Durcan writes:

This is the guy who is  allegedly taking catalytic converters from Beaumont [Hospital]staff car park. I am livid. I never ask for retweets but please retweet this.



Catalytic converter?

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26 thoughts on “A Wedgie Issue

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    They did the same in our car park in work, the Garda arrived a mere 3 weeks after we reported it.

  2. Charger Salmons

    You should have complained about being racially abused.
    They would have been round in a screech of tyres.

    1. scottser

      you should have claimed that it was worse in the uk and chargercrite here would be around blowing his horn.

  3. Praetorian.

    There’s a lot of ads on Done Deal,Gumtree etc from auto trade and scrap dealers actively looking for catalytic converters…offering the highest prices…why aren’t the gaurds targeting these guys…without an active market this wouldn’t be an issue.

    1. Skeptik

      Exactly, they’re only highly prized because there’s a market for them.
      Who’s the market? People who’ve had their catalytic converter stolen.
      They are supposed to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

      1. Andrew

        That’s not the market. The market is for the metals contained in them. Scrap yards pay cash.

  4. paul

    if anyone happens upon someone doing this to their car, just start shouting ‘FIRE’, ‘HELP’, ‘ATTACK’ etc, get everyones attention. These worthless scumbags are only tough when they think they can bully you one-on-one, they can’t do anything to a crowd. Get a photo if you think you can but never approach a scumbag holding tools.

    1. paul

      honestly, my first instinct would be to take that drill and stick them to the ground with it. Starting with the feet and working up.

  5. goldenbrown

    nice €450 worth of a Milwaukee cordless impact driver he’s using there to make the work light although I doubt he purchased it at his local hardware store like

    scumbag, if that had been my car he would have ended up under it with the jack removed, terrible accident but dem’s the risks, wha?

    1. The Old Boy

      That reminds me of the defendant who stole a Purdey shotgun, value well north of £50,000, sawed it off with an angle grinder and used it to hold up a post office for about £400. The arresting officer spent most of the police interview calling him a stupid effing c-word.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    The Hospital should divert some of the money they receive from parking in the Public car park to finance a bit of security in this one.
    Disgraceful state of affairs, especially when it’s know it’s happening more than once.

  7. broadbag

    You can’t stop the scummers but the authorities ‘interacting’ with the scrap yards could end this very quickly, if they could be bothered.

  8. Jeremy kyle

    Jaysus. This is one of those things where the punishment should automatically be more severe than normal.

  9. Joe

    The Gatdai need a good kick in the bottikins for their continued failure to deal with these crimes. It’s not rocket science to occasionally have a plain clothes Garda on site to nip these thug’s in the act. Secondly whatever waster that’s temporarily the Min for Justice should enact legislation, similar to the legislation some years ago that put the myriad of gold dealing shops out of business that were buying stolen gold from similar thug’s.

  10. The Old Boy

    It would be relatively straightforward to make the trade in platinum-group metals controlled by law with licensing requirements for all dealers, with fines and licence withdrawals for those not in compliance. It is the sort of regulation which inconveniences practically no-one for a very obvious benefit.

  11. Matt Pilates

    Penny’s has a lot to answer for. Obviously a novice – no Canada Goose or tight Zara shorts.

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