Not So Fast


Dublin Airport departures at Terminal 2 last month

This evening.



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62 thoughts on “Not So Fast

  1. Cian

    Is Feargal giving out about this? Or highlighting how the State is being pro-active with COVID stuff?

    1. Harry Robertson

      Government parties asking people not to travel abroad as there is some cases of covid popping up that is down to international travel. They do know that people come in too… or are they stopping people from coming in?

    1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

      except these are guidelines and not orders from a police state, they would not get that private information out of me

      1. Rob_G

        If you visit another country, your identity documents will be perused by several people, you will be asked if your visit is for work or pleasure (and what type of work, where it is you are planning on visiting), and someone might even rifle through your bag – such is the nature of travelling through airports

        1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

          not leaving your own country, there is a big difference,
          the only place I got drilled was the States, probably because of previous visa stamps on my passport,
          you are just showing your usual bias, are those on covid payment lost their right to travel, have to justify what is essential, on what discriminative grounds ?

          1. Rob_G

            Janet – we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. A couple of weeks ago, Gardai were stopping people who wanted to drive more than 2km down the road. Going on holidays, regardless if someone is working or not, is not essential travel.

            I’d loved to have come back to see my family, but that would not have been the responsible thing to do – we’re all making sacrifices.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Rob the police were not asking if I receive welfare or asked for my PPS no. when I traveled over 20km to get my Dad’s pension and do their shopping because it’s bang out of line, this information has nothing to do with responsible travel, you must be able to see that there can only be an insidious reason for asking for this information ? It’s not as if people chose to be on covid payment why should your reception of payment have anything to do with you traveling ?

          3. Cian

            If someone (Irish or not) is on a COVID payment and decided to leave Ireland and live abroad. Should they continue to receive the Irish COVID payment?

            I think not.

            If someone (Irish or not) is on a COVID payment and decided to leave Ireland for a week. Should they continue to receive the Irish COVID payment?

            I think so.

            Should the State check if people are doing either? I think so.

          4. Rob_G

            In France, did you not have to give your NSS to pharmacists, doctors, secretariats of schools, police…

          5. Janet, I ate my avatar

            the day they ask for that at the airport in order to check your employment status is the day you see a real French riot and no you don’t give anything to the police unless controlled for an infraction you have a card, Carte Vitale which is NOT accepted as ID btw with a PRIVATE pin for reimbursement at the doctor and pharmacy,

          6. Rob_G

            You can’t go for a dump in France without being asked to present your ID card, which you are meant to carry it with you at all times, and which contains all the information needed to ascertain whether you are in employment or not. I’m sure when you left France you were obliged to deregister from where you were living; consider this the same thing, only done at the airport.

            We are living in an unprecedented times. As someone who has been doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do, I have no objection to people who are jumping on an airplane in this current historical moment being asked to justify the reasons for their travel. Unless they are doing it for work, or to move home, or to move to join their partners, they probably shouldn’t be.

          7. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Rob I never had an ID card, I used my Irish passport, I did have a tax number and a Carte Vitale so you are incorrect, I never deregistered anywhere, you are completely incorrect ,
            I do agree you shouldn’t be traveling willy nilly,
            I disagree with singling out people receiving covid payment, people are under enough stress, I for example have to see a specialist in Paris, I haven’t as I am my parents primary caregiver but I’d be fecked if I’m giving those details should I be able to hold out no longer and get on a plane

          8. Janet, I ate my avatar

            it’s a little thing called Europe and rights, of you don’t ask someone going to Cork for their social details you shouldn’t be asking for it getting on a plane

          9. Rob_G

            While I agree with that the free movement of people is an important right, I don’t think that it supersedes the right of people to not catch a deadly infectious disease. And of all the fairly draconian measures that have been put in place to arrest the progress of this disease, I think that asking people to justify the purpose of international travel is fairly low down on the list.

        2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

          This is just the most ridiculous comment you have ever posted

        3. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

          your attitude to people for whatever reason who receive welfare is biased, condescending, uneducated, shameful and disgusting,

        4. George

          When I travel generally two people at most glance at my passport for a second. Sometimes just one.

  2. George

    No enforcement of face mask on the bus or train but if they suspect there are people on social welfare to police there’s no stopping them.

    1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

      because you are a second class citizen immediately ! ffs

  3. Zaccone

    How many people would know their PPS numbers off by heart? I know if someone asked me for mine I’d have no clue.

    Plus, as other posters have mentioned, I would be curious as to under what law these people can ask your PPS number in a public place like this.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I could rattle it off no problem. Same with my Credit Cards. Even a bank account that I closed in 1983. My current bank accounts. Multiple passwords for all sorts of things.
      (I have a good memory seemingly)

      1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

        I know the door codes to at least 50 buildings across Paris but I won’t be telling any random spying bottywipe that either ;)

  4. SOQ

    So- everyone was placed under house arrest while the high flyers jetted in and out like a fiddlers elbow. Then where are you staying got a 40% so bored altering cuss words tempted to just delete in response.

    Is the same level if detail being asked of non nationals because if not- WHAT IS THE POINT???

    1. George

      If a person doesn’t have a nation then they won’t have a PPS number. Only Irish people or people living here do.

  5. SOQ

    JANET- Could you clip your username back to just Janet please as you are shoving out half of the other latest comments on this site.

    Now I know you have important things to say- as do all cis/trans/itchy jockstrap wymnn but just please… STOP with the fluffy bullpoo?

    1. Janet dreams

      really how does that work ? it shows up pretty normal on Android, anyone else have this issue ?

    2. sidhe

      how about you stop clogging up the comments section with your self indulgent navel gazing?

      janet, there is no need to pander to this particular request at all, particularly one so obnoxiously worded

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        thanks, I’m not into messing up anyone’s experience although I am a bit taken aback but who knows someone might be having a bad night, I know I lost my temper with Rob above.

        1. scottser

          I was getting quite fond of your ‘dreaming’ username. The reference to crabs and pastries brought back some itchy, but very fond memories..

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            ah I’ll be dreaming of something else tomorrow when everyone has calmed down :)

        2. sidhe

          soq’s comment is totally uncalled for and your response is far more graceful than anything I would have summoned up

          personally, I find your additions to this site are infinitely preferable to the conspiracy theories and intolerant, bitchy asides that soq seems to think are valid commentary on this site

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I really appreciate that, that’s a really nice comment, I know I can be a bit ribald, a bit dreamy and a bit socialist for some but it’s pretty straightforward with me as in life, I’m here for a good time , I have no agendas and enjoy access to other peoples thoughts maybe even a bit of respectful debate and the odd flirtatious nonsense, I have no time for paranoia, unkindness and manipulation, we don’t know other peoples lives, it’s the fupping internet and we can make it any place we want it to be

  6. Daisy Chainsaw

    My last couple of holidays were booked over 6 months before travelling. I paid in installments so I could also put aside some spending money closer to the travel time so it would make sense for a family holiday to be paid off over a few months and well in advance of the dates chosen. It’s more than likely family holidays were planned and paid for when either or both parents were in full employment before the Covid lockdown. If they’re in receipt of SW or Covid payments, it doesn’t deny them the right to go on holiday and with the mixed messages from the government and the travel industry, if I’d paid a couple of grand for a fortnight on the Costa Blanca with no guarantee of getting a refund, I’d be queueing for my flight (wearing a mask, of course!).

  7. italia'90 dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries etc etc

    flip him Janet
    Call yourself whatever you want
    Peace & love to all who aren’t alt-right, fascist,
    racists, anti-Semites and homphobes

      1. italia'90 dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries etc etc

        You should see the stuff that’s so censored it doesn’t even get posted ;)

        I’m only unpleasant to the above mentioned types, as there seems to be no
        filter applied to their hate speech and general go bsh *tery

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          :) I mostly get Big J or Janbag
          I refer to most of my friends as maggot or scratcher

          1. italia'90 dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries etc etc

            only my nearest and dearest call me B.o.b.
            Big orange bast…… ehhh bar steward
            or some variation of “Ya big proddy headed so n so”
            And worse hah
            well you get the idea :)

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            oh I do get called a hun ( a cute Hun granted) by my mates from meath, they can’t help it bless

          3. italia'90 dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries etc etc

            There’s something in the water in Meath,
            I’m 100% convinced of it!

            My best mates growing up were brought up in similar situations as myself.
            Irish Catholic Mother and NI Presbyterian Catholic Father,
            apart from Bengal Paul, he was full on 100% Papist ;)

            His family were moved to the Balkans,
            just off the Falls Rd,
            the lucky fuppers.
            We all got resettled in Bray ffs
            in the early 70’s
            from Unity Flats btw
            We just had no luck and couldn’t catch a break back then ;)

  8. Fellow

    Hundreds of flights in and out of Ireland Even to very covid hotspots

    Pretty scary as very little checking of people

    Let’s face it if covid is as bad as the experts say it’s a pointless exercise of grinding the economies to the ground to restrict movements of the population Of each
    And every country

  9. Mick

    Surely the reason for the not allowing those on SW payments go on holidays is that, if you go abroad for one or two weeks, you then have to self-isolate for two weeks when you come home. If you’re out of the job market for three to four weeks, (1/2 wks holiday and 2 wks self-isolating), then you’re not available for work for those three to four weeks. You can’t claim a payment to say you’re searching for work when you’re not available for work.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      if you are receiving covid you are not searching for work ( it’s to prevent you jumping ship so you are on hold until your office reopens) hard to open if all your staff no longer available…
      are people on job dealers not allowed travel ? if so I was unaware of that clause

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