They Come Over Here


Bună Ziua!

Hostels in Ireland writes:

A group of young Romanian people in 1948 visiting Ireland. This is probably one of the earliest photos we have of international guests who have stayed at

Damn commie beatniks.

Where are they photographed, anyone?

14 thoughts on “They Come Over Here

  1. Murtles

    If your man there front and centre isn’t a spy then the Cold War didn’t happen.

    1. scottser

      lady standing far left on the rock has the standard spy issue trenchcoat. probably too windy for the beret.
      ‘listen carefully, i will say zis only once..’

  2. italia'90 Please don't mention Sweden

    Quite obviously it’s Cabra West!
    I consulted Bellingrat.

      1. italia'90 Please don't mention Sweden

        We must never compare ourselves to Sweden, from now until 2025, in terms of how they used science and data to successfully counter the viral infection and we succumbed to fear and the media’s concision bias.

        We drank the Kool aid and now the only thing helping us keep it down is a massive dose of confirmation bias.

        I <3 Sweden

  3. Matt Pilates

    Obviously not Romanian at all. Romanian ladies are way better looking – at least the ones in the Blanch are.

    Complete hoax.

        1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

          Blanch. It’s just Blanch. No “The”.
          Like Pet Shop Boys.

          1. Matt Pilates

            Ah thank you for clarifying, sir.

            But might there be exceptions depending on context?

            “Blanch is the ride central” seems odd – even in Romanian. I’ll take the answer graciously.

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