Drew’s Company


This morning.

Slane, County Meath.

New Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee has her first meeting with Garda Commissioner Drew Harris at  the down-at-heel Slane Garda station.

Someone‘s playing the poor mouth.



The new minister said people should consider not entering a premises if it is too crowded and leave if they have been somewhere for an extended period of time.

“It means exercising judgement and self-control for your own sake, as well as the collective good,” she told the Irish Independent.

Ms McEntee’s comments follows images of crowds of people gathering outside pubs.

Justice Minister urges public to use ‘self control’ to stop spread of Covid after concerns raised over pub crowds (Irish Times)

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32 thoughts on “Drew’s Company

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Irish people…


      Self control…

      Three phrases that will never work together.

  1. Johnny

    …any comment on the doxing ?

    FG really has a firm grip on Justice,she is the most unqualified Justice minister in the history of the state, the chutpaz from FG its breathtakingly,what will it take to pry this ministry form FG’s incompetence.

    1. Joe cool

      Shed the most unqualified politician full stop. Exactly what is wrong with politics in this country.

  2. Johnny

    For any medical cannabis patients in pain this is the minister blocking you receiving your medicine, she went to work with dad one day and next thing you know,he’s dead she the Minister for Justice with no background or qualifications,shur isn’t Ireland a great little country for nepotism.

    1. Vanessanelle

      Minister for Justice with no background or qualifications
      Did anyone say that about Michael Collins?
      Or Oscar Traynor
      Or Jim Mitchell
      – want the whole list of non Legal Professionals in the Dept of Justice?

      Tell ye what, she can’t do any worse a job than many that went before her
      Like Michael Noonan for example; The Lynch Tribunal remains one of the biggest atrocities of my generation – and Joanne Hayes remains uncompensated.
      Do you think anyone will have to wait 30+ years for an apology from Helen McEntee’s years in Justice lads?

      I would also add she is not the first Minister for Justice who travelled into the Dáil on their Daddy’s coat tails;
      off the top of my head, Gerry Collins, Brian Lenihan, Ray Burke, Maire Geoghegan Quinn, ha, even Charlie Flanaghan

      and on a private point, I happen to know she is enormously respected, and actually feared by a number of senior department officials
      Minister McEntee has been a Leinster House Insider for over ten years

      Look down your noses at her at yere peril

      In the meantime, I think I’m entitled to remind ye all of this

      The inherent misogyny is as prevalent now as it ever was
      Only now its more insulting

      further again, I’m developing far more respect for Leo Varadkar than he deserves
      Or that I’m comfortable with

      The sheer b1ching out of ould back bench eFFers over the last week, should be to all of yere shame

      Lads insisting they were entitled to reward
      Lemme tell all of ye, Helen McEntee will run rings around 80% if not more of the current FF parliamentary party
      And they know it

      Sad to see theres still people around to let them off

      1. Johnny

        ..one her colleagues just got doxed, by most likely someone in her dept,the silence from her says it all…

        1. Vanessanelle

          If you’re talking about CowandGate
          that gobshyster
          was grassed up by a member of his own party
          who wasn’t a bit shy about not getting a Senior Ministry

          Interestingly, the IFA promoted Cowen for the gig

          besides which
          McEntee in Justice, Donnelly in Health, and a Cowan for Ag Minister, with a Green Farmer as Junior (who will be very prominent for a Junior btw,) is the best going the Legalise Medicinal Cannabis lobby will ever get

          If this Government doesn’t get this signed off in the next 3 years
          its never going to happen

          1. Johnny

            Everyone is going blame Stephen for the failure to pass cannabis legislation,but its her job,not his,he’s just a clerk issuing lic’s- this is HER job,which she simply wont do as she is totally unqualified.

          2. Vanessanelle

            Well I can tell ya

            Jim O’Callaghan definitely wouldn’t have brought to the Cabinet

            You do know the Minister doesn’t actually type up the legislation
            they’ve people for that

            My guess its going to be Sub Committee that will be composed strongly of Finance, Justice, Health, Trade etc & Ag
            Then to the Legal Writers, Revenue Commissioners, and the AG

            then signed off, mebbe during Leo’s spin as Taoiseach

          3. Johnny

            ..its a criminal issue still in Ireland not a medical one,this minister needs bring forward legislation to decriminalize medical cannabis,the health minister does not have that mandate or power she does ,she was on a father and daughter day at work next thing you know she’s the minister….she is totally unqualified and inexperienced its nepotism.

          4. Vanessanelle

            I’m not going to convince you

            But at least give Helen McEntee a chance

            The people of Meath East have sent her into the Dáil on each occasion she put herself in front of them for a vote

            Unlike her Constituency colleague, former Minister for Social Welfare and Government Whip, Regina Doherty.

            FYI, the late Shane McEntee only entered the Dáil in 05 (following the retirement of John Bruton) he barely served seven years
            She worked for him for only two of those

            She was also responsible for shutting down false allegations that he was being bullied and trolled on line. She demonstrated some pretty spectacular integrity and independence at the time when more senior members of Fine Gael and that coalition Government were attempting to exploit his death as a cause to impose unfair and heavy-handed regulations on internet forums and hosts.

            Helen McEntee is no fluke

            I have a far greater problem with the appointment of Norma Foley – whose own local Comhairle didn’t want
            And no stranger to corruption herself

      2. goldenbrown

        “Lemme tell all of ye, Helen McEntee will run rings around 80% if not more of the current FF parliamentary party”

        sure, but given the quality level there Vanessanelle that’s not exactly anything to be shouting about

        I couldn’t tell ya what she’s like one way or the other, all I’ve had to go off is her sideshow bob for Coveney, no matter what for me she’s yet another product of a failed system (category: dynasty/nepotism) to be blunt she has her seat in the first place because of her father

        1. Vanessanelle

          Interesting that you mention the quality level

          so I’m obliged to take that matrix and state that Helen McEntee could hardly do any worse

          So why is her appointment p1ssing so many off

          1. goldenbrown

            hm. I think I know what you’re scratching at but I don’t think it has anything to do with it, in my head anyway, apart from the dynasty politics n all….

            per Wikipedia, the job role consists of leading a department who are supposed to be busy:

            Implementing government policy and proposing new policy on crime, immigration, asylum, criminal and civil law reform and the criminal justice system in general.
            Implementation of government policy and proposing new policy in relation to national security (an area many countries assign to a separate ‘Home’ or ‘Homeland Security’ minister)
            Control and reform of the Garda Síochána
            Pardons (which are formally given by the President on the binding “advice” of the government, after proposal by the Minister for Justice – a rarely used power)
            Implementation of core elements of the Good Friday Agreement.

            Minister For Justice is a heavy heavy gig (see above) a gig that in my view should involve someone that possesses relevant gnarly “tradecraft” of which she has zero of….my view is that it isn’t enough to install a person who simply heads up a team, in this area the relevant person has to lead (and in a situation where the security of the state is involved really lead)

            The last candidate fit for that job might have been Nora Owen!? and as for why didn’t Jim O’Callaghan get the gig…I’d speculate because of that Gerry Adams defamation scrape, rightly or wrongly

          2. Vanessanelle


            Don’t make that mistake
            She has more relevant gnarly “tradecraft”
            than the entire Green Cabinet Compliment
            and all but two – mebbe three of the eFFers

            I’m telling ye Micheal Martin won’t be getting any push over

            I’m pretty sure she’s as capable of the heavy gig as any of the lads

            and incidentally, one of the worst Justice Ministers, in terms of effectiveness was Brian Lenihan Jnr, a Trinity Schol and considered one of the legal minds of his generation- particularly on Constitutional matters. He himself the beneficiary of family patronage, and had no problems sharing it out either.

          3. goldenbrown

            not saying you’re wrong but it’s a poor poor show when we’re comparing best before vs use by dates innit? if another McCabe scenario went off saying she couldn’t do any worse doesn’t really cut it for me. anyhoo you know my view on the lifespan of this thing one way or the other, if the bookies were offering I’d be laying on 18 months but unfort no timeframes yet (only offers are for “most seats next GE” for which has Sinn Fein @Evens, FG @6/4, FF out to 4/1)

    2. Bort

      The question should be put to her has she ever taken an illegal drug in her lifetime.

  3. Brother Barnabas

    a bizarre appointment to what most would regard as a pretty important ministry

    she’s eminently unqualified – sadly, though, there are at least 5 worse appointments in that cabinet

    might this be the worst government ever? hopefully also the most short-lived.

    1. Pip

      Will they drop all the weird hires after another election and get in some heavier weights? Is it a sort of gravy train cum rewards game? Am I thinking too much?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        good question, frillz

        starting at the top with me-hole and leo, it’s not a cabinet blessed with talent, is it?

        1. Vanessanelle


          But this is the least flimsiest of the appointments
          Note what I’ve said here and on other threads, and BS.tv, about Norma Foley for example

          And the one that nobody has had a crack at yet
          Our new Minister for Housing
          Darragh O’Brien
          A former pension broker
          Who has far less experience in Leinster House than Helen McEntee btw
          I wouldn’t let him change a tyre FPS

          Watch Michael McGrath and Paschal Donohue run that department, and keep him peering over their respective shoulders whenever there’s an announcement,
          I’d be surprised if he’ll even be allowed appear before PAC or any other Dáil committee without supervision

  4. frank

    serious question, is a queue another name for an organised gathering?

    people have been ‘gathered’ outside hardware stores for nearly 2 months now and we’re not all dead.

    me and the young lad drive around of a Saturday (or Sunday or Monday or indeed any day) and marvel at the length of the queues. We start at Coolock Woodies to ease ourselves into it. Then we go to Airside retail park. Halfords and Woodies there can be up to 80 – 100 long. B&Q similar. We then go to Ballymun and gawp at the queues for Homebase. All the while saving the titan queue that is IKEA until last. The numbers here are beyond comprehension. An organised human snake winding it’s way around the cavernous carpark.
    My son calls it ‘queue watch 2020’. I call it the last days of society.

    1. george

      The thing about being in a queue of 100 people is most of them are far away from you. The people in front of you and behind you should be 2metres away and everyone should be wearing masks. So yes it is very different to the crowd on Dame Lane.

      Also it is about minimising risk overall not reducing it to zero which is impossible. You could use your logic to say “if it was always ok for people to work in food shops then it was always ok for me to work in my office.” That’s misses the point.

    2. scottser

      wait till it starts getting cold and we have to queue in the lashing rain. – we’ll see how civil ‘civil society’ is when everyone is spluttering and coughing with everyday colds and flus.

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