Hope You Enjoy My New Direction



Play ‘All is Illusion’!

This afternoon.

Inner World collects chants and mantras from the Tibetan spiritual leader and sets his words against music that was recorded by New Zealand musicians Junelle and Abraham Kunin, practicing Buddhists.

Hang on.

Wasn’t he in Buddha Beyond?


I’ll get my robe.

Dalai Lama Drops Debut Album (Stereogum)

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14 thoughts on “Hope You Enjoy My New Direction

  1. Paulus

    I had a quick snooze and suddenly:

    Albums are being “dropped”
    Cars are being “parked up”
    And people are “happy out”.

    Now I’m afraid to drop off again.

  2. RuilleBuille

    Can’t understand the Wests obsession with this charlatan.

    He thinks he is a living God and under his rule the Tibetan people were serfs of the Lamaist theocracy.

    1. M


      “A creature of Allan Dulles”.*

      Webster Tarpley – Dalai Lama on CIA Payroll Since 1959.

      Piers Morgan: “Of the many leaders you have met over your 60 years in the limelight, who has most impressed you?”

      Dalai Lama: [Mandela] “and your President Bush. The son. He is a really nice man”.

      * According to the MJ12 document ‘The Burned Memo’, Allan Dulles gave the order to assassinate JFK in 1963. And we have the memo.

      “The weather is lacking any precipitation. It should be wet”.

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