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    1. Your Home Correspondent

      I like her too. However, Selina Scott was the original of the species of maturing nicely stuff…

    2. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Ah lads, this is all a bit puerile –
      Michelle Pfeiffer for me.

        1. Mick

          I just started watching that a few days ago, and saw the end of ep 4 last night, where she joins. I didn’t know she was in it, so I very much enjoyed seeing her.

          1. Johnny

            If you had one question for Macca -Bertie ?

            Yesterday on the very same day in 1957 he met Lennon,I ran into him launching his razor (small boat),offered help him as it was quiet windy but he waved me away with a few nice words of thanks in his lovely soft Liverpool accent and out he went, good sailor and a nice guy, hair grey now,wears baseball cap….happy report he looks fit and healthy and quite at peace,where he was sailing is a very beautiful and spiritual place.

            (im few doors down from Stella)

        2. Rosette of Sirius

          Check out her cameo in Bosch – on Amazon Prime…. A little lie down will be required.

  1. f_lawless

    I see the Ontario Civil Liberties Association has written an open letter to the Director General of the WHO urging him to immediately retract the WHO’s recent recommendation on mask-wearing .I have to say it’s a really well written argument and the most compelling I’ve read to date.

    One of the key points they make is that there has already been several trials carried out that were of the highest order ie. ” randomised controlled trials with verified outcomes” (they link to these). Unfortunately, NONE of those trials showed that masks are of any measurable benefit in preventing the spread of respiratory viral disease. However, the most recent trials which the WHO have based their policy change on, were of a comparatively sub-standard level that is susceptible to bias


    ‘ With public policy, especially health policy having draconian consequences (note: the authors detail these in the letter), there must be a standards threshold below which a given report cannot be used as an indicator of reality. The reason that science requires randomized controlled trials with verified outcomes is precisely because other study designs are susceptible to bias ‘

    1. italia'90

      The Art of Pre-Suasion:
      If you can convince healthy people to wear a mask unnecessarily,
      you can convince them to take an unnecessary vaccine
      or take an unnecessary test.

      If you can convince healthy people to stay within 50 km’s of their homes unnecessarily,
      you can convince them to take an unnecessary vaccine
      or take an unnecessary test.

      If you can convince healthy people to stay within 5 km’s or 2 km’s of their homes unnecessarily,
      you can convince them to take an unnecessary vaccine
      or take an unnecessary test.

      If you can convince healthy people to not go to work, visit healthy family or healthy friends,
      you can convince them to take an unnecessary vaccine
      or take an unnecessary test.

      If you can convince healthy people to stay 2 metre’s away from other healthy people,
      you can convince them to take an unnecessary vaccine
      or take an unnecessary test.

      If you can convince healthy people to not send their healthy kids to school,
      you can convince them to take an unnecessary vaccine
      or take an unnecessary test.

      If you have never heard of the “YES” rolling technique before, you’re probably unaware that you have been “YES” rolled in the past, such as buying extra insurance cover, a bigger bank loan or signing up to an expensive home monitoring service etc.
      It’s a sales technique but it’s also used by Revenue, Gardaí, insurance investigators and other assessors. And now, big Pharma.
      If you can gain a person’s trust, identify a weakness or an emotional trigger, in a friendly sales conversation or interview, you ask them questions that they will reply YES to. After they have been primed 5 or 6 times, you then ask them the final question, which they usually say YES to. Job done. Contract signed or statement agreed to. You pay the company or pay the Revenue or pay the solicitor and his friend, the barrister.
      Now here’s the science part…Science Of Persuasion by Influence at work.

      Expect to hear more about GSK, Professor Luke O’Neill, Dominic Cummings and Barnard Castle.

      1. Junkface

        Vaccines save lives during a Pandemic. We are only lucky that this one does not have a high death rate. For people in their 70′ to 90’s covid 19 is terrifying and I think most countries have done the right thing in trying to protect their older populations. Big Pharma are not trying to convince people of the benefits of vaccines, its the Gov’t agencies with approval from the scientific community.

        The measles vaccine for example has saved millions of children’s lives over the years. The malaria vaccine has saved millions of lives in Africa. The Polio vaccine changed millions of lives since it was introduced in the 50’s.

        What exactly is the point that you are making? That people are being duped during a pandemic crisis and that the incoming covid 19 vaccine is unnecessary?

  2. Your Home Correspondent

    UK Independent -Boris about to disappear up his own …. again (too easy)

  3. Praetorian

    One Irish paper runs with a small front page colum on a drunk pisshead from Offaly who drove on a provisional licence,null & voiding his insurance…was the accompaning/supervising ‘full licence’ holder sober & responsible…??
    while he was banned for three months he claimed full travel expenses for driving….seriously.
    A couple of years of ‘ride me silly’ no accountability is ahead of us.

    If it was a Shinner…..imagine the outrage.

  4. Charger Salmons


    It’s so funny that as the paper that led the charge for years in sneering at and deriding the British over Brexit and demanding no compromises the Irish Times is finally waking up to the enormous impact on rural Ireland of a No Deal Brexit.
    Too late Finters old chap and the rest of the Dublin metropolitan hacks.
    Perhaps you should have thought of that earlier.
    Or maybe got out of town occasionally.
    All you can do is hope Boris’s famed ability to pull a rabbit out of the hat comes good again.
    Because if Blighty sneezes Ireland will get a full dose of flu and Covid-19 rolled into one.
    But then you know that because I’ve been telling you for years you’ve allowed yourselves to be used.
    ” Brussels will look after us ”

        1. scottser

          fine, if you don’t want a tissue then feel free to use one of your unwashed socks.

        2. Joe F

          How about answering my question from yesterday old boy. Crime has surged in London and you say your infallible friend Boris bears no responsibility at all. Here you go again about Boris the great “famed ability…” Simple question old boy, is the Prime Minister of your country not responsible for keeping law and order in your capital city?

    1. ReproBertie

      “finally waking up” says Spoofer, rewriting history to suit his own agenda.

      “Nonetheless, it is incumbent on the EU to do everything possible to avoid a no-deal exit. The damage this would cause – to the UK and to the EU, particularly Ireland – is significant and very unpredictable.” – The Irish Times View, March 20th, 2019

    2. Cú Chulainn

      Ah, Mr. Salmons.. I see you’re still believing what your overloads tell you. That’s so quaint. Here’s the news flash: yes, a hard brexit will disproportionately effect Ireland. Prices will be squeezed. However, your beloved Blighty will be truly in trouble. Rampant inflation followed by food riots. It’s all ahead of you. Enjoy.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Enjoy the increased contributions to the €1.1trillion EU budget now Blighty is not paying in its huge whack.
        All those highly-paid pen pushers with unlimited expense accounts in Brussels don’t come cheap you know.
        Mind you there’s no agreement on that yet because the EU is still split over the €750billion C-19 Recovery Fund.
        Those negotiations have failed to get anywhere so far.

        1. scottser

          you may start getting used to the taste of chinese botty old chum.
          have you got a trade deal with anyone yet?

          1. Charger Salmons

            If that’s the case how to you manage to shout out your BDSM safe word ?

        2. Joe F

          At least we have someone who makes some effort at law and order in their country old boy

  5. Toby

    Classic headline in the Metro. Shades of David Mellor, Benny Hill and Edwina Currie.

  6. bobster

    Tommy Mannah a very lucky man. In many other countries he would have been justifiably shot by the police.

  7. Johnny

    Angelo Gordon…hm

    “The houses are being sold for a cash consideration of €78.75 million to a special purpose company managed by Carysfort Capital and funded by the privately held alternative investment fund, Angelo Gordon.
    Carysfort Capital and Angelo Gordon also acquired Cairn’s development at Six Hanover Quay in Dublin last year.”

    New V Old.

    ‘He’s Buying Up Brixton’: Beloved Grocer’s Eviction Sparks Gentrification Fight

    “In south London, people rebelled when a developer, backed by an American hedge fund, tried to evict Nour Cash & Carry.”


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