Fixed It For You


The brutalist kintsugi of artist Glen Taylor – broken porcelain ‘repaired’ with tarnished silverware, barbed wire, chains and paper mâché, contrasting the delicacy of the original piece with unwieldy mends in a celebration of imperfection.

Which is more worthy of celebration than perfection.



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5 thoughts on “Fixed It For You

  1. fluffybiscuits

    If thats art then I can give it a go….ripping up a teatowel to wrap around a smashed mug

    1. Tony

      I can easily make a stupid balloon dog art or paint a lady with a funny smile whatever where is my arts council grants?

  2. jamesjoist

    All artists, whether sculptural, literary etc. strive for recognisable unique style . Would it help the critics if this tableau was titled ‘ State Care For The Elderly ‘ ? The consumer of art is expected to put a little thought into their reflections.

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