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A podcast of thought-provoking conversations with interesting people from diverse backgrounds.

Presented by Colette Colfer, a lecturer at the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and produced by Colette with her husband Terry Hackett.

Latest episode: Jonathan Haidt (above). A supporter of  greater diversity of viewpoints on college campuses and one of the signatories of ‘A Letter on Justice and Open Debate‘ which was published online by Harper’s Magazine this week.

Colette writes:

Haidt is an American social psychologist and the author of over 90 academic articles and three books. In this episode of Spokes Jonathan talks about the American based international organisation The Heterodox Academy (HxA) which he co-founded in 2015 and which promotes open inquiry and viewpoint diversity in academia, he also touches on topics such as group think, orthodoxy, religion and politics….


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65 thoughts on “Cancel This

  1. Clampers Outside

    That’ll be worth a listen over the weekend :) Have his book Coddling of the American mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure

    Recommend it… Yeah, I know, it’s USA, yet its well worth a read

  2. NobleLocks

    He’s very good. He’s one of the emerging thinkers like Douglas Murray, Andrew Doyle etc… who are standing up against the visceral hatred of the Neo-right (i.e. the extreme left who’ve gone so far left they’ve come out on the Right).

    Here’s a good link:

    1. Nigel

      ‘(i.e. the extreme left who’ve gone so far left they’ve come out on the Right).’

      So… that’s people on the left who support/prefer Trump and/or Brexit and/or Putin?

      1. NobleLocks


        No, the extreme left is the Neo-Right. You know the pathetic rich little bully boys of antifa….

        They cancel those they don’t like
        They silence those who speak the truth
        They go to lectures they cannot cancel and shout down the meetings
        They go to the homes of those they hate to intimidate and destroy
        They get people fired that they don’t like
        They consider wrong think a crime
        They even consider not being vehement enough in your support a crime.
        They use medical experimentation on children to support their wants

        All of these are tactics and calling cards of the Nazi’s in the 1930’s and of the current year antifa left or Neo-Right as they really are. The only difference is that the Nazi’s knew they were the extreme right whereas the current year Left are impossibly stupid and can’t see the hand in front of their spotty, entitled, whinging, snowflake faces.

        Still, it’s only a matter of time before they eat themselves as they continue to froth at the gob at the slightest infraction from their made up “right think” and I look forward to their inevitable end. The trans activists sued into oblivion by the children they medically experimented on, the cancelled people singling out those who got them fired and rightly destroying them financially. The public turning on those who bullied and harassed. History tells us it really is only a matter of time before the backlash comes.

        In fact, I’ll be outside the Dail this very Friday protesting against the proposed law changes for “trans” children. Or as it is in fact, the continued medical experimentation on children but the Neo-Right: antifa and the T in LGB. Another small but significant step forward against the power of Neo-Right hatred and stupidity.

        1. Nigel

          So antifa, desptie barely existing as an atual thing, is the bogeyman and trans people, who were actualy persecuted by the Nazis, are the new Nazis. This is propaganda. The far right claiming these are the real far right is the snake of propaganda and disinformation eating its own tail. The only point of this is to delegitimise and silence anyone not of the actual right. We can see that in America right now. The police targeted and imprisoned journalists. There were sixty incidents of cars being driven into BLM protests. Trump screamed about antifa despite there being absolutely no evidence of violence by anyone claiming to be antifa. And now threatening to defund colleges for having different political ideologies. But some racist lost his job for being a racist so cancel culture is the real ebemy. Like antifa and trans people. You little fascist creep.

    2. realPolithicks

      So the extreme left is actually the neo right, jesus we really have reached peak doublethink at this point.

      1. SOQ

        When you have a gay man on a Luas being beaten up by tooled up straight left wing thugs because he was going to an anti Islam demonstration- where exactly do you think we are at?

    1. Clampers Outside

      No wait it’s back after outcry… Yay! Good stuff :)

      Now if only they allowed the Lesbian subreddit back up….

    2. Clampers Outside

      Why did I post that here? Because it is about shutting down conversations, init, on topic like :)

  3. class wario

    i swear all this stuff just stems from people unchallenged and coddled for decades being told to shut the fupp up and immediately decrying it as vicious cancel culture

    1. NobleLocks

      Nothing like a bit of “activism” is there. Funny how it sounds doesn’t it? It reminds me how the church insisted on calling it “abuse” and not “child rape”…. It’s Activism isn’t it… just because the Neo-Left act, think, and look like the 1930’s Nazis doesn’t mean they are Nazi’s… doesn’t it?

      1. Nigel

        That’s funny, because in the 1930s the Nazis were constantly claiiming they were being attacked and oppressed and persecuted and silenced by the evil left. I guess if it worked for them you’re hoping it’ll work for you.

          1. Clampers Outside

            As evidenced in all these stories from largely Left leaning publications…






          2. Nigel

            Obama, the nice centrist who you say couldn’t run today on the same platforms he had originally? Do tell…

            Now the left have moved further left on the issue of police surveillance and brutality and protections for whistleblowers and journalistic freedom…. but I thought that was a bad thing?

            I’m SO glad the freedom-of-speech free-exchange-of-ideas personal-freedom-loving right in the US have completely pushed back all of that evil Obama-era stuff and now they’re standing up against police brutality and misuse of police powers and violence against journalists and careully protecting protestors and whistleblowers!

          3. Clampers Outside

            Yep, Obama has a stellar record on implementing surveillance. What makes you think that is an exclusively right wing thing. Don’t be a silly.

          4. Clampers Outside

            On your last bit, seriously child, not everything is black and white, there are grey areas.

            I’m only more convinced of your foolishness at this stage… Oh well..

          5. SOQ


            Personally I don’t think the Left / Right labels cut it anymore. I mean, take BLM- since when were revolutionary Marxist organisations sponsored by global corporations?

            I tend to view it more through an authoritarian/liberal prism myself and right now, the so called ‘Left’ are way out in front on that score.

        1. Clampers Outside

          The problem is with cancel culture regardless of who is doing it.

          Isn’t that the point of the interview discussion above, about freedom to discuss and places for open inquiry free of those shutting down discussions they dislike or are uncomfortable.

          Do keep up.

          1. Nigel

            Just because you’re uncomfortable of rapists and sexual assaulters being appointed into positions of power doen’t mean it should not be debated exhaustively on the merits. In this case, the rapist is sitting politely at the bar. You can’t ask him to leave! He’s being so polite!

      1. Clampers Outside

        That addresses nothing of the issue, but clearly gives you some sort of satisfaction…. Meh…

      1. Clampers Outside

        That’s not cancel culture, that’s common sense of bar tender wanting to keep the place and its clientele free of aggressors.


          1. Clampers Outside

            It does?
            What is “it” and what does it “do”?

            You’re speaking gibberish at this point.

      1. Clampers Outside

        That’s not cancel culture that was a stalker who lost his job for stalking women, a crime.


        1. Nigel

          He hasn’t been arrested – he lost his job for exercising his freedom of speech and engaging in open inquiry and saying things that made some snowflakes uncomfortable. Poor guy.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Ridiculously childish conflation of a call for free inquiry and actual harassment. Grow up!

          2. Nigel

            You’re right! He wouldn’t and shouldn’t have been fired for the racism and misogyny! That’s perfectly acceptable! Agreed?

          3. Clampers Outside

            No, you may think so, I already said above my take on it.

            You’re a right proper muppet for sure Nigel… :0)

        1. Nigel

          It’s kind of a bad sick joke involving destruction and suffering, but it’s not mine.

          1. Clampers Outside

            What are you posting climate stuff as a response for?
            Incapable of staying on topic or what?

          1. Clampers Outside

            Again, I ask,…. your reason for posting climate issues in a thread on cancel culture?

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