I Can Hazmeat?



This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Reports of meat Plant COVID-19 cases at today’s Oireachtas Special Committee on Covid-19 Response prompted a ‘Hazmat-Suit Protest’ outside Leinster House where protectively-sheathed members of PETA called on the public to go vegan.

Meat plant outbreaks focus of Covid-19 committee (RTÉ)

Sasko Lazarov/Rollingnews

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45 thoughts on “I Can Hazmeat?

  1. alphasully

    well that protest has made up my mind. I’m definitely going vegan on the back of that

    1. Junkface

      Well, Meat markets / wet markets in Wuhan is what they believe. Caged bats passed it on to caged Pangolins, the cages were piled on top of each other. Then the sellers caught it from being close to the cages. Pangolin meat is considered a delicacy in China, and their armoured shells are considered an aphrodisiac of course! Like Rhino horn. Crazy superstitions really.

  2. Denny

    Am defiantly going to up my meat intake

    Maybe it’s the fact covid is airborne And because of the noise shouting and screaming is ensuring anyone that has is is spreading it faster due to the screaming according to WHO which like singing etc spreads far further due to the spray aerosol type minute droplets according to their boffins

    Also maybe that fact that no one is being tested on arriving to Ireland and the majority of workers in these plants are low paid migrant workers
    Whoops I will get banned for my un pc post

    1. Rob_G

      Way to go, edgelord.

      Almost all major diseases affecting humanity are zoonotic in origin; this alone makes a good argument for reducing the consumption of animal-based products – nevermind the animal welfare and environmental reasons.

      1. Junkface

        Very true. Mass production of cheap meat has led us here. I hope that Beyond Meat will continue their great work.

        1. SOQ

          Have you tried the new Denny range Junk? 8 sausages, 2 burgers or mince for around €2.50 each but that is probably an introductory offer. The burgers are first class and less than half the fat than meat.

          Strangely, meat product producers are best placed to produce plant alternatives as they use the same herbs and spices as with their meat products- which are usually half soy in the first place.

          Gregs sausage rolls in the UK are completely outstripping their sales of traditional rolls so there definitely is a demand.

          1. Junkface

            @SOQ I dream of Irish sausages! But I live in Germany so I have to find the closest alternative to good Irish sausages. I don’t really dig Bratwurst. I have tried some decent veggie burgers here, and also a Beyond meat burger once. It was tasty, pretty close to a meat burger. I wonder can I import Denny sausages, I thought it might be illegal since the Foot in mouth thing years ago.

          2. Gabby

            @Junkface: They make about 1,500 kinds of sausage around Germany, some of them particular to a region. You must have found one or two better than Dennys.

          3. SOQ

            We are talking plant based here Gabby but yes, I take you point. There must surely be some doing what Dennys are doing? It is a fast growing market after all.

            And here is the point- by its very nature, pre-prepared plant food has a longer shelf life. Whether it is really healthier or not is another question as it is also highly processed.

    1. Rob_G

      I don’t know the figures for Ireland, but in the U.S., animal manure is used to fertilise 5% of cropland (presumably crops that are used to feed livestock) – I’m sure we could manage without it.

      1. seanydelight

        There are alternatives, but they’re not that wide spread, also if we mass produced plant food like meat it would end up just as shitty as mass produced meat.

        This protest is ridiculous. Close plants that employ people and deny people their choice of a natural food source. Im not saying the meat industry is natural, in fact it’s rather cruel, but it is what it is to deal with the population size. I just dont get pushy veganism. Does more harm than good.

        1. Rob_G

          “There are alternatives, but they’re not that wide spread… “

          – well, they’re widespread enough fertilise the other 95% of cropland…

          “… also if we mass produced plant food like meat it would end up just as [edit] poopy as mass produced meat. “

          – we already mass-produce plant based foods on a massive scale, yet all of the widespread pandemics come from the meat plants…

          “This protest is ridiculous. Close plants that employ people and deny people their choice of a natural food source. “

          Bullfighting employs people and provides a low-cost supply of protein; should we open a few corridas?

          Anyway, they are not proposing to ban people from eating meat – merely informing them of the epidemiological risks of its consumption

    2. Denny

      Acrylamide a chemical present in cigarettes is found in many beyond meat products

      You know anything grown in a lab has a downside
      The only foods to eat are naturally grown free from additives

      Honestly why do vegans want to simulate meat

      Vegetables are delicious and meat fish and dairy additive free and reared as nature intended is the way to go

      Let’s face it you get what you pay for

      1. Rob_G

        “Acrylamide a chemical present in cigarettes is found in many beyond meat products”

        – bovine growth hormone, BSE (mad-cow disease), avian flu, swine flu, nitrates and nitrites in processed meat (that cause bowel cancer) – these are all things found in meat. I think I’ll take my chances with a bit of Acrylamide, cheers.

        The rest of your post is a load of nature-fetishisation BS with no basis in science – lard is 100% pure and natural, but it’s not especially good for you to eat. Poison mushrooms are 100% natural. The bat that that fellow ate in Wuhan this winter was 100% “additive free and reared as nature intended” – it still managed to kill tens of thousands.

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        The quality of Irish meat and dairy is second to none. A cheese toastie made with butter and Wexford Cheddar is a delicacy in itself. Actually the existence of Irish butter and cheese is one of the reasons I’ll never willingly go vegan.

        1. Rob_G

          You could be right, and yet we still had BSE, angel dust, foot-and-mouth… Its an activity inherently fraught with potential for zoonotic transmission.

    1. Denny

      I remember making it in but hey lessons training to become a baler
      Hated it also remember brawn

  3. spud

    I used to date a girl who worked at an abattoir.

    She was a stunner…

    (I’m here all week!
    Try the fish!
    I mean tofu!)

  4. Saminal

    Love this protest! Meat is responsible for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pandemics, global warming, exploitation of slaughterhouse workers and animal suffering on an unimaginable scale. What are we even doing still eating animals?!

  5. jennifer white

    Great protest by PETA! No one needs meat to survive, and it’s high time these facilities should be shut down. Going vegan not only saves animal lives, but could also help prevent the next pandemic (let’s not forget this one started in a meat-market!!)

  6. Tovlor

    Nothing will change if we keep eating meat. Whether it is climate change, diseases, or pandemics- it is time to ditch meat from our diets. This protest shows how dangerous the meat industry is!

  7. Janet, dreams of big guns

    It’s been shown that men who eat meat have less a engorged erect penis and for less time than the same men who eat a veg diet for a week, just saying, a big steak does not one manly make

      1. Brother - turned vegetarian in 2002, went vegan in 2013 - Barnabas

        that’s interesting, but not surprising

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