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  1. Cú Chulainn

    If MM had the leadership qualities people want to follow; he’d sack Cowen and Byrne tomorrow at noon. He’d outmanoeuvre the disgruntled few and put it up to Leo the great (!!) in one move. But he won’t.. and we all suffer because of that.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    So there’s three separate Cowengate issues now?

    a) Byrne’s betrayal.
    b) Cowan’s u-turn (or not)
    c) Cowan looking to disgrace the Gardai

  3. Charger Salmons

    So no new deaths from C-19 and the number of new cases is down to a trickle.
    Yet the Irish authorities still issue daily doom-mongering warnings, pubs will remain shut for another week, vast numbers of people are still on emergency pandemic payments costing billions, shops that haven’t shuttered for good are empty, offices remain closed as people work from home and the country is one of the few places in Europe with travel restrictions still in place.
    Tourists are being actively discouraged from coming here even from countries with a much lower infection rate than Ireland.
    The Royal College of Nursing in Ireland has even suggested jailing tourists who don’t go into immediate 14-day quarantine on arrival.
    And all of this meekly accepted by a brow-breaten population terrified of anyone with a slight cough.
    The infantilisation of this country is astonishing to witness.
    It’s time Ireland grew a pair, got back to work and stopped being so timid.It can’t stay in hiding for ever.

      1. Charger Salmons

        So an average of 21 cases a day where for most of them the outcome will be non-fatal.
        And for this an entire country is being threatened will jail for not wearing a mask on public transport ?
        And there is STILL no testing at airports even while there are demands for tougher restrictions on travel.
        And teachers have spent weeks saying it’s unsafe to let children back in school but are quite happy to eat out in restaurants expecting the parents of those children to serve them ?
        The authorities have got you scared witless lad.
        The idea that this country’s population should be held to ransom by the prospect of eradicating this virus completely is laughable.

        1. ReproBertie

          Testing at airports is a smoke screen. It would only catch those who are symptomatic at the time they arrive. That’s why those arriving are told to quarantine for 14 days.

          You’re talking like we’re still in full lockdown while pubs and shopping centres are packed with people getting on with their lives. Easing the lockdown has resulted in case numbers rising. Facemasks can help prevent that.

          Even you can’t believe that there is any similarity in teaching children for 5-7 hours a day 5 days a week and eating out for a couple of hours.

          1. Charger Salmons

            There is no evidence that children are any more likely to give you Covid-19 than a restaurant waiter wearing a mask.
            There is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest buying a meal costing a minimum of €9 will stop you getting C-19 any more than if you just had a bag of nuts with your pint.
            Yet that’s the ludicrous rule that Ireland has to accept for another week, along with stern warnings from cretinous politicians about extendeding the ban on pub openings unless people behave themselves.
            Your civil liberties are being eroded.
            Your freedom is being compromised by medical and scientific quackery.
            Your economy and future prosperity is being trashed because of the fear and timidity of 2nd rate politicians.
            Even the police who are meant to enforce these regulations being made up on the hoof have no idea how to.
            So they just try to ban everything.

          2. ReproBertie

            There was never a medical reason for the €9 meal and well you know it. The €9 meal was only ever a pathetic justification to allow pubs claiming to be restaurants to open when restaurants were opening. It was introduced because the government, rightly as it turns out, believed people would ignore that these pubs were using the serving of food to justify opening and just go for a feed of pints. They would have been better off telling those pubs that they could wait until July 20th like the rest of them. Instead we have to waste garda time going around pubs making sure the publicans and customers are mature enough to follow the guidelines which many of them clearly care nothing about.

            The guidelines for schools to reopen are still being worked on. It’s frustrating for teachers and parents but hare brained comparisons won’t help anyone. A brief encounter with a masked waiter is nothing compared to being in a room with 30 or more unmasked people for a working day. The biggest problem is the ability to maintain social distancing in the school. That’s the same issue preventing so many offices reopening. There just isn’t the space to keep everyone 2m apart.

            Nobody’s civil liberties are being eroded, nobody’s freedom is being compromised and nobody is trying to ban everything. You sound like one of those anti-mask people shouting at their hairdresser for following the rules. We’re still learning about this virus and we really don’t need a promotion of a “sure it’ll be grand” attitude when cases are rising and the R0 is increasing.

          3. Charger Salmons

            As usual you’re talking cobblers.
            The police went 6,500 pubs the weekend before last and found just 25 were not following the rules exactly.It would have made no difference whether the people were eating a €9 meal or a bag of nuts.
            Still learning about this virus ? Schools re-opened across Europe at the end of APRIL and there has not been a shred of evidence to suggest this led to a spike in infections.
            Most of Europe re-opened bars and restaurants a month ago.
            You’re being held hostage by timid politicians and the reaction is pathetic.

          4. ReproBertie

            As usual you’re talking cobblers. The gardaí are looking to prosecute 26 pubs but there were many more where a quick chat resolved any issue.

            Yes, still learning about this virus or did you miss the news about evidence emerging last week that it may be airborne?

            Most of Europe locked down before we did.

            Far from being timid, the politicians, following the advice from NPHET, have accelerated our emergence from lockdown. Even at this slow pace we’ve seen an increase in cases and the R0.

    1. scottser

      and only a few weeks ago you were wittering on about ireland’s number of deaths in care homes, yet here you are criticising renewed measures to halt a second Covid spike.
      you can’t eat your cake and have it too charger.

      1. Charger Salmons

        That particular horse has long since bolted.
        By all means protect the elderly and vulnerable.
        Institute local lockdowns where necessary.
        But keeping an entire country under the thumb and shattering its economy seems to me a heavy price to pay.
        Europe has been fully open for many weeks now without any huge spikes in cases.
        But Ireland insists on demonizing incoming tourists while at the same time failing to test them for C-19 on arrival.

        1. scottser

          everywhere in europe is seeing the start of a second spike. the uk, like us saw little or no cases 10 days ago and now they are seeing 650 new cases per day. those new cases were caused by people relaxing containment protocols too quickly.
          but you do what you want, i couldn’t give a monkey’s – you’ll know all about it when you catch it.

  4. scottser

    and now here’s scottser with the sports news:
    thanks anne.
    manchester city’s champions league ban has been lifted and their fine reduced to €10m. the court of arbitration for sport’s decision effectively means that financial fair play is now out the window and city clear a profit of £50m on their dodgy dealings.
    back to anne for the weather..

    1. sidhe

      another dull week. don’t bother getting the paddling pool out.

      that’s all from the weather

      now over to randy with the traffic

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        Randy with the traffic here
        vrooom vroom
        everyone has forgotten how to fupping drive, no indication until the last minute, speeding and driving up yer holes
        stay safe out there
        Randy on the m50

  5. Johnny

    Just a FYI-NY state school opening guidelines-does not affect me so haven’t actually read them do not plan on-so basically don’t ask me-but some people expressed interest in past on schools and reopening.


    -oh i live in New York if i have not mentioned that this morning…and smoke copious amounts really high grade weed-have a good one-started working on Johnny Green piece takes quite bit time:)

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